"boomy" base on new ported boxes


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Say, I just built a ported box with two Rockford Fosgate 10" subs and the sound is a little too "boomy" or "lazy" for my taste.

Can I give it a "tighter" sound without building new boxes?
Will cutting the port to a shorter length give me a crisper sound?

The specs are on the money according to RF's documents so it's more of a listener preference.

Thanks for any info.

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Very easy solution: elevate the sub. I recently upgraded my speaker stands so I had two 16" ones lying around, and decided to experiment with my always-boomy computer's subwoofer...voila!

Also, placement is key: I found that turning my sub sideways so that the driver pointed not at my sitting position but at the farther corner, did wonders for the cheap sub that came with my bedroom's Sony mini-system.

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Get some stuffing material (Dacron, corrugated foam, stuffing material from Radio Shack) and loosely fill the inside of the cabinet. Cut a piece of corrugated foam large enough to fit at the back of the speakers magnet to absorb some back wave action. Experiment with how much stuffing you prefer. You can also place a piece of stuffing on the port and decide whether you like the sound. Changing the port length will change the bass cut off but not change the tightness of the box sound. What material did you use for the box? MDF or particle board?


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Thanks for the possible fixes!!

I like the idea of raising the subs. I have already started on stands made out of aluminum bars so I am on track. I can also move the subs around to test the sound.

I made the box out of 3/4 MDF and then covered all sides except the bottom with 1/2 birch plywood. I used the birch because I didn't like the painted finish on the MDF.
The problem now is that my port length is too long by 1/2 inch.
Would this cause the sound to be "boomy?"
I can get in to cut the port but I was thinking of going even shorter if this would help.
It looks like that's not the fix.
I will try the stuffing to see how it affects the sound
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