Damage to house b/c of sub?


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Hi guys, I have a quick question. I have a sony sa wm500, which is 150 watts, and my dad swears that the vibration from the sub will cause cracks in the walls and damage to the house and such, I just wanna know if this is true or not.

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if you have a house made of popsicle sticks maybe. 150 watts for a sub is not at all that much. if you had a 1000 watt sub then maybe but you have to be pushing it at ear popping decibels.

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...Well he could be living in a mud hut or something.

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if u play bass alot even at moderate volumes it can weaken the windows in the room especially if its a old house. can make the windows crack easier especially if theres high wind.

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If you're living under his roof, I'd suggest you take your fathers advice and tone it down a tad. I doubt your sub will do damage to the house, but if it's in a small bedroom, it's effect will be greater.

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i use to have 2 (hx-gd8) stereo systems in a small bedroom an when my dad left i would turn da bass up and 1 day a window started 2 crack and my neighbor was only about 25 feet away they were complaining so i sold the stereos. 1100 watts in a small bedroom in a old house can really cause damage.

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It is doable with the long wave length, the roof tiles are going to move big time!

This cracks me up heehehe, sorry hehehe, ok just play a sine wave at 25 0r 30Hz make it loud and standing heheheh, outside and watch the roof tiles move.

Or how about something in the infersonic range at 10Hz! though you will need around 10 JBL 18in processionals to do the task well, and watch the house despair just like in poltergeist?


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