Receivers for B&W 704 (L and R), 705 (surr) and HTM7


I am looking for a good receiver for my below speaker.

B&W 704 (Left and Right)
B&W HTM7 (center)
B&W 705 (surr)

Can people who already own 700s please comment. I know these speakers really need powerful receivers (or pro-amp combo). I dont want to spoil them driving them with a meek receiver.


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Nice setup you have there.

I would be happy with a pair of 705s (I am 2-channel music person...) only. :-)

I don't think the 700-series are particularly difficult to drive. What to aim for is high quality amplification in addition to sufficient wattage to glean the full dynamics this system is able to offer.

Your speakers suggest budget is not a primary concern so I would think you have many choices. High end receivers from the usual suspects- Denon, Yamaha or perhaps separates from Rotel, NAD.

There is also the Anthem components that are highly touted.

I'm sure your dealer ought to be able to provide suitable components- especially after you dropped a not insignificant sum on those speakers.

Good luck and happy watching/listening.

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I have room full of B&W's speakers. I have always pushed them with Harmon Kardon amps. My current amp is a AVR7300. It pushes B&W 640's efforlessly.
I like the warm accurate sound of Harmon Kardons amps through B&W speakers

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well,i have b&w 805s,htm7,infinity surrounds and i am driving them with denon 2800,which is older model and always been happy with it(didnt like the sound of harman though),try 3805 or if money is not an issue go for 5803,its incredible piece of equipment

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Definately look at the Pioneer Elites, they sound great with B&W, try the 56tx or 54tx. They have lots of quality power.

Thank you for all you posts.

Tevo:- since i have burnt my money on speaker, i have frugal budget for the amplifier.

Miso:- its suprising to note that 2805 can drive 805s.

I read lot of post on this forum about

""... AVR300 using a pair of B&W 704 (stereo mode)(8ohm at 89db sensitivity). I have to crank it up to 82db (100db was the max) before it was decently loud.""


""In the case of the 600 series, these are easy to drive and place. In most rooms, you could get away with most amps such as NAD T743 or T753, Yamaha RX-V640 or 740, Denon 2805 or 3805 etc. Once you go to the 700 series which is more difficult to control (and remember this is times 5 at least), you start to have to consider NAD T773, Rotel 1067 or Arcam AVR300 as minima.""

Any comments on the choice of receiver??


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Again i have to say that you should look at the pioneer elite 56tx, they are amazing for the price and sound great with B&W. Their have lots of power and are a great deal.
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