If you were to choose one of these three setups which would it be


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Hello all,

Well I am finally making a venture into home theater audio and could use a little assistance as really the choices are overwhelming

Currently I have a Haman Kardon AVR 235 7.1 Reciever and am in the market for speakers and a subwoofer

I have a connection that can get me a good deal on speakers from best buy and would like to take advantage of this if possible. The three options I have been considering are as follows:


Athena Technologies Audition Series AS-B1 speakers x2 for mains
Athena Technologies Audition Series Dual Center channel AS-C1


Klipsch Synergy III Bookshelf speaker Model B2 (Pair-Fronts)
Klipsch Synergy III Center Channel Speaker C1


JBL Northridge 2 way speakers model E20 (Pair fronts)
JBL Northridge Center model EC25

I plan on using these in conjunction with:

Existing Boston Acoustic A40 speakers for rear surrounds
Existing Advent "Mini Advent" bookshelves for rear 7.1

I also need a subwoofer and was considering either:

Athena Technologies Audition Series 400w Sub AS-P400
Klipsch Synergy Series 225w Subwoofer KSW-10
JBL Northridge 250W Subwoofer E150P
Velodyne VRP 1000 (on sale for $250 at CC)

Any or all suggestions substitutions would be more than appreciated

Also any subs for under $300 would be appreciated.

This will all work with my Sony 34" Widescreen HDTV.

The HD Cable Box is connected via digital Coaxial as well as the DVD player

the Xbox and my 5 cd changer are connected with an optical connection.

Thanks in advance.

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I have the JBL's and am proud of the purchase i made. But at high volumes the tweeters tend to be a little bit harsh but isnt really noticeable in sourround sound. The mids were weak at first but after about 22 hours of movie time they strengthend. Youll need a sub if you go with the JBL's cut off at 80-100Hz. i have the

E-20 (srb)
E-10 (sr)
E-25s (main)
HT4H (center)no harshness ever
No sub yet

*I have not listened to the Klipsch but have HEARD that they sound to bright so your going to have to listen to both to pick witch one is more your tastes

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That JBL e150 will do just fine esp. for HT and esp. if you have a small room and small budget.

I'd look on eBay for them, I got my e150 for about $170 shipped brand new, Best Buy had them for at least $300 and up or something ridiculous like that. Looking back if I had to do it over again I'd get the e250 it was just $50 more from the same place, but that's because my listening room is huge so I could use the extra power.

Otherwise if you can afford a $400-600 sub I'd look at SVS and Hsu.

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For the sub i was loking at something more like the JBL HTP 400 from the synthesis series
have you heard any thing about this sub? any info would be great

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Athena speakers sound excellent with Harman Kardon. I use my system for mostly music. However, I am most impressed with the center speaker (AS-C1) during home theater moments. It brings out the dialogue with an overwhelming amount of warmth and clarity. I use the Athena S.5 speakers as rears. They match the audition speakers well and come with a mount to easily attach then to the wall.

When I was selecting speakers- I found the JBLs less detailed. They sounded fine in home theater but not with music. The Athenas were more well rounded. I wont comment on the klipshes because I just didnt care for the tone of them. They werent bad at all just not the tone i was looking for.

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Thanks all for the replies...well I have gone into a few stores around me and tried to listen to both the Klipsch and the Athena, I have pretty much ruled out the JBL and the Infinities I was considering due to availablity and also sound, the JBLs were nice but IMHO not as nice sounding to me as either the Athena and or the Klipsch....

Both the Athena and Klipsch were hooked up to yamaha recievers and honestly I felt like even though they were connected to a "bright" reciever the klipsch sounded "better" to me...they seemed more crisp and had more detail which I think I enjoyed....

The athenas were also nice, however I was somewhat turned off by the large center channel cabinet as I don't think it would fit on my television.

Oh well I will try to listen some more and see if my opinion changes. Thanks

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try to find a paradigm dealer in your area, as they have extremly high quality gear for the price. I went from Klipsch to paradigm. They give you all the detail that klipsch gives you, without being offensively bright. (these were synergy, not refs, which I like)

you usually can get a deal from a paradigm dealer as well, so don't let the deal from BB sway you, as most of their stuff aside from Athena is junk.

if it were my money and I couldnt get paradigms, I would go with athenas. You CAN get a smaller center channel I believe. Just ask around.

Paradigm system:

atom bookshelf speakers are $200 a pair
cc-170 center channels are (I believe) $200 each
PDR series subwoofers start at $250

contact your local paradigm dealer and see what they have to offer, you might be surprised.

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I myself love athenas as well
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