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Can anyone recommend some awesome center speakers that will work well with my setup and add more robust center channel? I would like to upgrade my center if I can find something that matches well with my mains. If I cannot find a good match I will just wait until I upgrade all of them next year. Have listened to some B&W, KEF, Sonus Faber, Mirage, and Vienna mains but have not started that whole process yet. Need to save more $$ first. I am considering getting a better center so that I can save longer before I go for the full upgrade.

Right now I have:

Infinity CC3 Center Not bad at all really, I really just find that I want more and more center on
movies lately. I think it is more low end that I am after for the most part. But bigger and better at all frequencies would be great.

Infinity Overture 3 mains

Infinity Overture 2 rears

Amplification right now is an HK 7200, later on down the road I may add outboard amplification for for L/R or L/C/R.

If I could, I would put an Overture 3 on top of my TV, but that would of couse not work.

If there is a center that comes to mind that would play nice with my others, I welcome your opinions. Thanks


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Judging from the SIZE of your rear speakers and the need for more bass from the center channel, sounds like you have a really big room and it seems like you have all the speakers set to large.

If you have the center channel set to large, set it to small and just wait to upgrade. OR figure out what speakers you really want to upgrade to and find the best center speaker to match them and just wait to upgrade the rest later.

Anyways, good luck man.

What kind of outboard amp were you thinking about for your upgrade? I am asking because the receiver you have is suppose to be very powerful.

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One more thing, if you feel you REALLY NEED a bigger center right now, I say take a look at this one. It is also Infinity but not the same tweeter. I have heard a lot of good things about this center speaker. Check infinity's website for reviews. agename=STRK%3AMEBWA%3AIT&rd=1

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Thanks a bunch for the tips and I will check out that Alpha center. Yes it is a large space and I often really like to crank it.

You are 100% correct, that 7200 has a TON of of power. Rated at 100x7, even HK will tell you that is is closer to 140x7. Sound and Vision found it to be 143w in multichannel mode.

It is not lacking at all and drives my system effortlessly to really crazy levels while staying very clean. However, in the never-ending pursuit of better and better sound I thought about slowly adding some separates into the mix at some point in the future, if I can really improve my music and HT sound. I can tell you that I am thoroughly pleased with the amp section of this AVR, I can't state that enough. I would only be trying external amps later on if I can really hear and feel a significant improvement, and if my new speakers in the future have a need for massive power. I would not even bother with trying out amps until I see what type of speakers I settle on next year.

I thought I would start dabbling with separates next year by getting into a great amp (B&K, Rotel, even Outlaw?) for the fronts, later on the rears, and then eventually use the 7200 as a pre-pro until the next great advance in HT comes out, then just by a new Pre. At that point I would already have new speakers and amplifiers. That scenario could get me a lot of years out of the 7200 before ebaying it.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

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I am amused at your thinking about getting an external amp to improve your system--amused because I have been there, myself. However, I don't think that is necessary as the 7200 is a really good receiver that approaches most of the truly affordable separates in quality. Rather, I think you can get far more improvement with speakers that are a better match for your receiver than are the Infinitys. Now the Infinitys are a good speaker, but not what I would match with the H/K.

With your H/K 7200, I would be looking for a "hotter" speaker--one that has some sparkle due to the warm, laid back nature of your receiver. I would strongly suggest the JMlabs Cobalt Signature CC 800 center speaker as the place to start. It is beautifully finished, has a very detailed top end and nicely focused bass. You will hear everything. Makes a great spring board to adding other Cobalts to fill out your system later, which is a truly marvelous combo with your top drawer receiver.

Just a thought . . .

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Thanks Hawk. I will have to check out the Cobalt Series. I have seen them on the web site but have never laid eyes on them (or more importantly, ears!)

I do like the specs on that center as well as the 826's. They sure get great reviews. I'll have to find them somewhere and have a long listen.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

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I have to recommend the infinity kappa center. ITs got a 3 way woofer plus its awesome when it comes to dialogue. Wanted to purchase the kappa center but couldnt afford it. Here in the philippines its around $900 for a center. B@W center speakers are good as well but get the big ones like the LCR60 or if you have the money the Nautilus which amazing but expensive
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