Receiver with two center channels?


George C
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I was over at my friends house the other day. He was showing me a receiver he bought at a pawn shop. Any way he said it was a 5.1 surround receiver. I looked at the back panel and saw that it had out puts for two center channels, left and right mains, and two surrounds. No sub out. I was just curious if anyone has heard a set up with two center channels and why they now only make receivers with one center channel out? Is this receiver a true 5.1?

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6.1 Receiver. the second centre channel should be labelled rear or back.

No sub out on a 6.1 receiver? What make is it?

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True, but I wish more processors had two centre fronts. I mean, with a centre speaker on each side (left/right or top/bottom) the dialogue would lock to the centre of the screen as opposed to below/above it. It also allows you to have two smaller centres, rather than one big one, making it more discreet.


George C
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Kano I thought the same way you did but I looked on the back and both of the out puts are in a box that says center channel. It is an old sony STR-D1011S. Just by looking at it, I would guess its at least 10 years old.

J. Vigne
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I'm unaware of a format that uses two discrete center channels in front. The mix is always "mono" for that channel. What your friend's component was doing is what Frank described. Allowing two speakers to be connected with good size cable to both. It is a better idea even if they both carry the same information. You can accomplish the same by running two center speakers wired to the same center speaker out. Whether you wire in series or parallel depends on your system. You get better dispersion, more even frequency response, probably lower distortion and more power handling. I don't use a "center" speaker in my system because the design of most centers means they will not match the balance of my fronts. I prefer to run to identical "front" speakers as my center.

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