Used Nakamichi AV-1 Vs integrated amplifier for stereo


I would be very pleased to get your advice on this.

I'm thinking of buying an used Nakamichi AV-1 receiver.
My main goal at this point is to make a good budget system (my first one).
I would use this receiver mainly to listen to stereo music (Rock, Jazz and Electronic) and the quality of the sound is of great importance, as well as the total power. No theater system here.

My source will be a new NAD C521, my loudspeakers will be (hopefully) B&W 602 S2 or Monitor Audio Bronze 2.

My questions are:

- Will the musicality of this receiver will prove equal or better than the more expensive (new) NAD C350, a Rotel RA-931 mkII or a Cambridge Audio A500 ?
- Do I have to wait to buy one of these gear used ?
- How this complete system will sound in a 15,8' x 15,3' x 9' ?

Thanks for the time, I appreciate.

hi pal. i am using nak av-1 from 1997 and i have changed to queit a lot of receivers like maranz,yamaha.but still prefer nak and i would retain that till the end . but i use that mostly for movies connected with a seperate dolby-digital/dts decoder from harman kardon and lately i realised that this monster sounds great even on 2ch stereo.and the power is just amazing and the bass is so powerfull that you can miss a heart beat...i am using a 18 bit digital filter cd player sony and i am driving b.s.m 12'' speakers with 12'' passive radiators . don't ever miss the chance of enjoying music on a nak.... have a nice day .bubye

Naks are pretty good, and you might not hear a dramatic difference in quality unless you go with separates. I would shy away from B&W 602 - Only higher end models sound good on B&W in my opinion.
Canadian speakers are good. Have you heard of axioms ( I would recommend rt3i - $275. They got great reviews. Fluance speakers got good reviews as well ( Paradigm atoms are good too, but I would recommend axioms especially.
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