Best price on NAD C320BEE in Canada?


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I'm thinking it's time to replace my venerable old NAD 302 integrated. It's served me well for 8 years now, but the lack of a remote is becoming a real annoyance. I'm a big fan of NAD stuff (I like the aesthetics and the sound) so I figure a 320BEE will be a nice upgrade and match well with my NAD 521BEE CD player and Paradigm Studio Reference 20v3s.

A couple questions - is the 320BEE a big sonic improvement on the 302? Will I get that "oh my goodness I need to re-listen to all of my CDs through this amp" feeling, or will it just sound similar enough that I can be content in not having to get up off my couch to adjust the volume or switch sources?

Secondly, the list price for these amps is $500 CDN. About what's the best price I should expect to be able to haggle a dealer down to? When I bought my 521BEE, Bay Bloor Radio knocked the price from $450 to $400 with no cajoling. Is that about what I should expect on the amp or is it worth pushing them for a better price? I'm not haggle-meister, btw. I usually just ask them for their best price and go with it unless I know for a fact I can do better.


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Last time I looked, American Sound on Yonge St. in Richmond Hill had it on for $439.
Don't know if you'd notice a difference, but I would have to think so if you're replacing an 8 year old unit.

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Eastview Electronics at Kennedy/Steeles and look for Raymond.

Good luck

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fyang -
I replaced a NAD 304 with the 320BEE for the same reasons you are contemplating. I still use my 304 on a daily basis in my office, because I refuse to let it go. When I first got the 320BEE, I compared the two side by side for a few days. The 320BEE is an improvement over my 304, but not so drastic to give me that "oh my goodness I need to re-listen to all of my CDs through this amp" It still has all of the qualities I liked in the 304, but sounds a little better (maybe from the increased power) If you are on a tight budget, and are looking for a significant sonic upgrade, it probably isn't worth it. If you are sick of not having a remote and needing to get up to adjust the volume every time the phone rings, someone in another room is calling you, etc, it is worth it. Also keep in mind, the 320BEE doesn't have extra speakers outs or a phono input (I didn't need either). If you need these, that may come into play when looking at something new. You probably could use the 302 as a phono preamp if need be however.
The only reason I bought the 320BEE was for the remote. Sounds like a stupid thing to pay that much money for, but I am more than happy with it. If I bought it strictly to upgrade my sound, it would probably have gone back to the dealer. I think (although I haven't heard it) that the 302 and 304 are pretty much identicle sonically. The only difference may be power (25 watts vs. 35).
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