Speakers to match NAD T761


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I want to spend about 500-600 dollars on the pair. They will be hooked up to my T761 through my computer, digital out. Any help pointing me in the right direction will be appreciated, there are a lot of choices out there :-) I will also be purchasing a sub later.


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If you get them used, you will get more quality (on http://etronics.resultspage.com/display.php?p=Q&ts=dynamic&w=sa-wm200

I heard this sub with Athena ($200) speakers connected to an entry level sony cd and a yamaha receiver, and it was quite good. Athena speakers can be ggotten here :

http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id=1051806301325&skuId=5335693&type=prod uct&productCategoryId=cat03043

They have floor models too - shipped free. I liked the sound of the book shelf with the sony amp best though - had clearer sound (5 incher is better than 6 or 8 in Athenas for me).

For $270, you can have a fun sounding speakers, or you can go with more upscale one from the above. Even Athena and the sony combo will sound fun.

I think you have the right idea - connecting a better grade audio to a computer to take advantage of all the music floating around on the web.

That broadens our choices quite a bit, instead of buying cds one at a time.

You will end up with an enjoyable setup without spending a lot.

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You have given us a budget, but what preferences do you have--floorstanders or bookshelfs? Also, what size room do you have?

Paradigms and PSBs are very good speakers with NAD receivers, and you can easily find good models that fit within your budget. For example, you can get some excellent PSB Image 4T towers from DMC Electronics for only $449 (www.dmc-electronics.com).

I am also very fond of the NHT SB-3 bookshelf speakers. I have priced them at $475 a pair from Kief's (www.kief's.com). NHTs are an excellent combo with your T761. Very smooth, accurate speaker now used by Stereophile as a reference bookshelf speaker.

With either the PSBs or the NHTs (or even a pair of Paradigms), you will have no problem adding matching speakers, including a sub, which will give you a full HT system, if you so desire.

This should give you a start. If you have a better idea of what you want, just post it and I can make more suggestions.

Merry Christmas!

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The room I will be in is about 15'x15'feet, with 8' foot ceiling.

I had listened to some paradigm monitor 3s and liked those quite a bit. I will go back to definitive audio and see if they have those PSB speakers.

Also, once in a while I like to listen to my music loud, usually I have metal or classical playing.

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You will find that Paradigms and PSBs sound very similar--not surprising since they both rely on the Canadian government's audio research council findings. If you like the Paradigm Monitor 3s, I would suggest it is a good choice for your receiver. I have auditioned a number of different Paradigm speakers with an NAD receiver and have always found them to be a very good match, sonically. So if you like the Monitor 3s, I would recommend that you get them.

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Hello Hawk,

I am looking for very very good center speaker for Movie & Music. I can spend from $500-$750 for it. I would like to ask for your advice. I am thinking between MK CENTER851BK and Monitor Audio "Monitor Audio Silver Center 10". Do you have another brand name that you think it will be better than these two here.

MK CENTER851BK: --> $499.00

Monitor Audio Silver Center 10: --> $525.00

Here is my components list:

NAD T973 (Amp)
NAD T163 (Pre-amp)
JM Lab (2 front speakers)
LCR-750 THX (MK II LCR-750 surround sound speakers)
LCR-25 (MK LCR25 back surround sound speakers)
MK II 75 (MK II V-75 subwoofer)
Bose VCS-10 (VCS-10 for center and will be replaced with a new one)

Any advice would be appreciated!



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have you considered the JM Lab center speaker to match your two fronts?

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Sorry I missed your post--I have been laid low by a bad case of the flu and haven't been on-line for a while.

I am very envious of your electronics. I just priced a T163 today as I heard it for the first time yesterday and really loved it. I think NAD has a real winner there. It is easily on par with any pre/pro under $2500, and probably more.

I would strongly agree with Johnny that a JMlabs would probably be the best match, sonically. You don't specify which JMlabs you have for your fronts, but I am really fond of the JMlabs Cobalt center speaker, although I haven't priced it yet. Another good option that is not as bright sounding, but is a superb center speaker is a Krix KDX-C center speaker--should cost about $375-400. It would work well with your speakers, as well. Krix can be hard to find, however.

I like these two centers better than than either a MA Silver or the MK, although between these two, I would recommend the MA. I think it is well worth the additional $26.

Good luck.
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