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Any opinion on this receiver?
Someone is trying to sell it to me for $150.
I am not the biggest music buff but I want to get a new receiver (Im using a vintage now as primary, and I need another for another room to use as a primary for music.). I plan on attaching it to a Bose acoustimass 7 series. 3 cube speakers stacked (so really 6 speakers), and one subwoofer.
Any opinions greatly appreciated quick.

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no do not get it!! sony is terrible!!! try the onkyo tx-sr502 for $299. it is sooo much better than sony!

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My uncle just gave me his Sony STR-D1011S for my highschool graduation, I assume its the same receiver as the one your talking about. Like yourself I am no audio buff, more like a wannabe if anything. But I know what good sound is, and have heard many receivers although mostly the crap at best buy and so forth. I think that this is a great receiver overall, it has a considerable amount of weight to it, which is a good thing. Has alot of great features and produces, I think 120 watts to the mains. I have seen them for sell for $100 in pawnshops and about the same on ebay, so that is what I would offer him. If anyone has detailed specs on this receiver please let me know. thanks

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sorry i didnt mention it earlier but it does not have a sub out

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for what its worth, i would agree with anon 12. stamguy save up 299 and get the onkyo 502. you will have a better sounding receiver than the sony and also you will have a subwoofer output jack so you can use a self-powered sub. plus you will have the latest surround formats as well as great DAC's for your speakers.
and jlindsey86 you obviously dont know what good sound is. 120 watts to the mains really dont mean jack $hit!! at least the onkyo has the new formats and a better power rating than the inflated sony receiver. and the d1011s only has Dolby Pro Logic.

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