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I am and always have been a huge lover and listener of music. However, I know that my speakers (junky, generic Phillips ones) just aren't cutting it and I'm looking to make the leap to a much nicer set on the way to a much nicer system overall.

Can anyone make some suggestions on what to get?

About my needs:
Looking to spend ~$500
Type of music - really everything (rock, folk, hip hop, and on) but I spend the least amount of time listening to classical music.
The system is used for vinyl significantly more than anything else

My current setup is an old Sony TA-AX380 (120V, 60Hz, 200W) receiver (the next thing to go) and a Technics SL120-MK2 w/ a Grado Blue cartridge.

Thanks for any and all help you're willing to give!

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There's not much to go on in your post. There are hundreds if not thoussands of speakers new and used you might buy. To say buy this pair is pretty tough.

Why not start with this thread and see if anything catches you eye and then ask more about specific speakers? Tell us what you think you need or want in a speaker and maybe we can help.

Have you considered building a kit speaker?


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