RCA connector to speaker wire?


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I have speakers that have an RCA connector at the end of the wire. My receiver's speaker outputs are the raw two-hole connectors for speaker wire- it doesn't have an RCA out.

Is there somewhere I can buy a small RCA to speaker wire converter?

I've searched everywhere, and only found this:

However, its 12 feet (and it has lugs and RCA male- which is not optimal). I need it to be a few inches or so, as my speaker's wire is long enough already.

Any ideas?

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Sounds like those are a very old set of speakers. You're probably best just crimping off the old RCA plugs off the speaker wires and connecting to your amp with the bare wires. It may not be as convenient to plug and unplug but you'll have a direct connection and most likely end up with better sound that way.

I'm assuming that the speakers have some type of spring clips or binding posts to clamp onto the bare speaker wires, once you crimp off the RCA plugs?

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The speakers are maybe 10 years old, yeah. But I'm happy with them for this application.

The receiver itself has spring clips to insert speaker wire into.

I really don't like cutting/stripping the wire. There tends to be a very small amount of actual wire in there, and its hard to get at. I've done this before and it became a mess.

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Sounds like those are a very old set of speakers.

Or part of what was a packaged budget system. If that's the case, the speakers probably do not have any available connections on the back--the wires simply disappear into the box. The RCA plugs are to connect to the unit they came with, and the spring clips are at the receiver if I understand Rich correctly.

The only drawback I see to making a bare wire connection to the back of the receiver is I suspect the speaker wire is very light gage. If you don't get a good connection, you may want to crimp the wire onto a straight connector to insert into the spring clip at the receiver.

The Radio Shack adapter does nothing for you because: <1> it is still a 24-gage wire, <2> now you have a longer really thin wire, and <3> you still have to cut off the lugs.

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Personally, I would find a way to get in that speaker and re-solder on leads from the crossover and or direct to the speaker, if a single driver. I'd use at least 16guage, thus replacing the speaker wires altogether but this may be too much and the speakers might be sealed units.

Easy solution - take a couple lengths of speaker wire, strip 1/4 inch of all the ends. One end goes to the receiver spring clips the other gets either soldered or taped to the RCA jacks. I believe the centre pin is the +ve so the red (+ve) lead connects to that and the -ve to the outside connection on the RCA. Test with tape to ensure if works, if it does, solder yourself or get a friend to do it for you. Then essentially you've extended the wires on your speakers and created a bare wire end. Use at least a 16 guage wire for the extention to ensure there is good contact. If you lived by me I'd come by and do it for you.

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Neil: Yes, you are correct. The wire disappears into the speaker, other end is RCA. And, indeed, it is thin. And as well, you're correct on it being part of an old pre-packaged system.

They're not great speakers, but this is for a room I barely use. So I'm trying not to spend too much money.

George: I'm trying to avoid soldering (I don't know how) and taping them to the RCA bare connectors is something I've done in the past with poor results.

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Buy a spool of 18 AWG speaker wire and a set of Radio Shack solderless RCA's. Be careful with your connections and don't let any stray wires touch across terminals and you'll be set.
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