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Hi all,

I need a spot of sage wisdom whilst on my hunt for a receiver/amp for my cabasse speakers.

My purposes are primarily for music listening (90%), but I want to start building up a 5.1 on a budget and I thought a decent amp that could also act as a surround system was a good move.

After some looking around a reccomendations, I got serious on the NAD series (prob the 743 or 744) or a HK (AVR145). Yet this hiss/humm issue of the 743 has me a little concerned. I've found a really good ex-demo price for the NAD 743, but I still need to see if i'd get a warranty with that or not. If it wasn't a good price, the hiss reviews would have steered me off it by now. But I'm wondering that if its an ex-demo, surely they wouldn't demo a defect unit? (or is it a defect line?) Thats my first issue anyhow.

The second is, is it a good match? The cabasse's are 4ohms, which tends to count out quite a few amplifier options. If the NAD looses the race, what are the fall back options I might consider (under €600)?

WOuld love to hear any opinions.
Also any advice on how I should build my system from there (centres, subwoofer), as I realise the cabasse's are a little unique to try and pair with.

Thanks all!
Kiwi in Germany

Nad T73 (manual) anual%2FNAD-T743-GB.pdf&ei=Je8xRo6fGYSinQOP-cizBA&usg=AFrqEzfmluOCXLwqNMmyUoo5Et IJkYPGeA&sig2=i3YQqdrQl3-lliircPRxfQ
Opinion x.aspx

Nad T744

Cabasse Jonque Specs

Cabasse Jonque opinions 4_1594crx.aspx\

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Hi jame.
I believe that Nad has sorted out the noise issue with the 743 and others in the range.(other members?).
The Nad is very good at driving difficult loads, with their powerdrive system, which works well.

Do you need a 5.1 for movies?
What is your movie/music ratio?
Matching your Cabasse speakers for a 5.1 will be difficult and expensive.
Have you considered a 2.1 setup?
A few members here do just that, including me, and it works well, unless you have a big room, or want the 5.1 no matter what.

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Leave the NAD "3" series alone as NO the isues have not been sorted out and you never know what you're getting. Per all 3 NAD dealers that I know the 744 is much quieter and will give better performance.

Nuck has a point with the 2.1, I'm definitely enjoying mine.

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Don't doubt Art's comments and think they are good advice.

In hindsight, surprise, NAD dealers either denied the problems existed or claimed they were fixed for three years ("my dealer told me there are no problems", how many posts alluded to this?)

Three years ago I emailed a respected dealer in Chicago for pricing and advice. His return email was "stay away from the 7X2 series, too many problems".

No surprise here, that respected dealer was Saturday Audio.

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Holm won't even sell it anymore.

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post #100, whooopeeee

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Your Mom will be so proud...

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