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David Plain
Anyone have any experience with speakers from this company??

yes, come out of the back of a white van. try to get you to pay big money but settle for less.. i bought some, then found out it was a scam. But hey, i think they sound good. what is your experience?

Same here bought some from a white van, has high retail prices on their boxes, but i paid much lesser

John D.
Again same here. I only paid $120 for a pair of great looking and good sounding Pro Dynamics elite series towers. You won't ever find speakers in a store that sound and look this good for this price. I watched some guy pay $300 before I paid $120 for last pair. I've heard of some people paying $550 for a pair of what I got for $120. Don't ever give them even half of what they want. Quality of speakers is comparable to name brand towers that cost $300-$1000 pair. They're clear and loud and look good. But they could fall apart in a month. As far as exactly how good the quality is. I can surely say they sound much better than KLH speakers and very close to goky audio towers that retail for $1000. You couldn't buy speakers this nice for $250 in any store let alone $120.

Just got swindled. I paid 600 for a pair of KPP901. I didn't realize that many people would have got them out of a back of a van.

i paid $300 for a pair of the pro platinum series 2. it was'nt a white van but instead a jeep. the guy said he was a salesmen and got them for free if he sold a certain number. we are all suckers!!!

LOL i can't believe i almost bought those speakers, as soon as i found the website, i told him i wasn't interested.

ethan stone
I just bought a pair of Pro Dynamics Model KPP-901 speakers from the back of a van,suggested retail on each box $1,089.I paid $250 for a pair.Yet to hook them up to big amp.Good deal or bad deal?Anyone out there been using them for a year without any problems?Like some honest feedback.

What is with all these people buying speakers from people they don't know out of a van? Anyone with a computer can print invoices and phony magazine reviews. Why would anyone buy a speaker they never heard--never heard of--and from somebody in a van they never saw before?


Willy Dee
Per Anon-EEE-Miss:good point. You can hit the internet and pick up legitimate manufacturer highly rated speakers with a real warranty for great prices.The tip-off:what legitimate speaker manufacturer puts the suggested retail price on the box?!Forget the travelling vans,you could have done better on Home Shopping Network.

got me to plugged them in went to the web site looked good so i gave him 200 for pair out of white jeep

tim johansen
i bought a set of surround sound speakers out of a van for 450 they where digital audio. i hooked them up to my home theater and they sound great much better than the stock speakers that came with my system. just because they came from a van and i didn't know the guy i feel like i got a good deal. if i went to circuit city i would not know thier emploee either.

I have followed this webboard for a while. Why nobody talks about Acoustic Research at all? I thought AR used to be a one of the best speaker manufacturer. Don't you guys agree. I would say Hi-Resolution series was one of the best speakers for both home theater and music. AR HC6 is arguing one of the best home theater speake systems under $1000. Any comments anyone?

Just bought the Platinum 1200 pair for $400, Did I get ripped off?

Johnny Doe
Damn, thats crazy! I bought my prodynamics out of the back of a white van too! two dj speakers that said $1200 on each box for $120.

Anyone find any reviews on there speakers? I am going to send in my warrenty card and see what happens. I also just sent them an e-mail letting them know of a problem that I am havinf with one of the midrange speakers.

Just talked to a local Hi-Fi Speaker shop. They said that Prodynamic Speakers are Pure $hit. He said that they sound great out of the box. Last about a month and fall apart. He said that they manufacture them for about $10 a piece? How that is possible I dont know. Anyways does anyone know if we can sue the crap out of these guys? SCAM SCAM SCAM.

I know a guy at work that was trying to sell a pair Pro dynamic elite 600 claiming thay retail for 1,200.00 . I told him to give me the model number so i could look them up on the web.thanks for the thread people.
In response to Merlin's question of October 29, the Acoustic Research used to be one of the best speakers around - in the 1960's when they were founded by audio legend Henry Kloss (who also engineered Advent, KLH, Cambridge Soundworks). The company had been bought and sold a few times. They were last owned by Japanese company Recotan - who went bankrupt last summer.

The AR-3's are still considered a great spaker by audiophiles. Don't confuse AR with "Acoustic Reference" or "Acoustic Response" which are two of the many "white van" ripoff scams. I've seen these speakers under about a dozen such brand names - I can almost smell them now. That's why I came to this thread to check out "Prodynamics".

I bought my pair of Pro Dynamics AUX-660's Elite Towers for $160 from some stoner in a dark blue van... Id like to know where he got them from so i can sell some myself... They look and sound good so i dont really think i got ripped off.... name brand would have costed at least double that amount. I hoping to get $200 for the ones i bought just to make a little profit.

crap I just bought pro dynamic sprakers #uap-1190 out of the back of a white jeep in lathem ny. he said he was installing them in the pepsi arena and had extra. paid 100.00 for a pair.

mick smith
I guess its to late now I just bought a pair of pro dynamic speakers out of a white van, got the tag # and everything I just might get some get back for my 200 dollars.

JD Murphty
Do any of you happen to live in Florida? If you do and have the tag # to one of these "white vans" please contact me at

lol this is too funny im in wisconsin and this van was like a 2 tone blue n gray i believe illinois plates, white guy about 35, had a couple diff things, but brother got a whole surround sound system 5.1 off em for 175.00 ,on the box said retail price 1,099.99 or 1,999.00 i believe but doesn't matter thats total bullshit lol, guy started out at 450 brother said 200 he said 250 than brother walked away n then he hooked a speaker up to his van stereo even had the speaker wire out n prepared for the hookup that will tell ya these people are scam artist. so my brother said 175 now lmfao and the guy said ok lol so they sound awsome for that price hopefully they last for a bit but then again what else can ya get for 175 like that so if ya come across these people tell em a very low price people deallllll!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah also my bro said he recognized this guy, cause like 2 yrs ago the same guy confronted em with like 2 bose surrround sound systems the $1,000.00 ones i would believe reciever n speakers said he'd deal em for 400 a piece but bro was broke, now if he had them suckers again i'd snap them up lol

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Well, I guess I got to this web site to late. I'm in Florida, and I just purchased two Pro-Dynamics Platinum Series III KPP-901 for $180.00 from the back of a green 2 door Ford Explorer. It was the same sales pitch almost everyone has heard. He ordered 4 speakers and got 4 pairs, so he's selling them at a bargain price. Show me an invoice, the magazine, and of course the "suggested retail price of $1,029.00" I'm going to go home and try them on. The speakers do not look bad, and I hope they sound decent. I do not expect a Bose quality (otherwise they will be selling Bose from the back of the car) but at least some decent sound for $90 a speaker. I will let you all know tomorrow if the investment was worth it. In case is not, does any one will be interest in purchasing a pair of speakers?

New member
Username: Nayvseal187

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I wish I would have found this website earlier, but I just bought 2 Pro Dynamics KPP-901 speakers $180 for the pair. They showed me the invoice had two extra and box said $1029. We are all so stupid I didn't even think if these guys had extra why wouldn't they keep them for themselves. Also they would only accept cash no checks. I'm in Tallahassee, FL and the guys were in a tan chevy venture van.

New member
Username: Rilsher

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I just had this same encounter as Jeff Smith where they showed me the invoice for the moon and had two extra boxes for $1029. How are the speakers. I have their tag# so maybe we can catch them. They were in a tan cheverolet van with the tag# W40 LES.

I know a guy who sells these things. He has a pair in his house. He had told me 200 for a center speaker and 4 satalites. Very heavy construction,look well built,come with all accesories. He cranked his stereo to the max and these things never cracked or distorted! Still unsure though?

Unregistered guest
Hey- I work at a pawnshop in Las Vegas and recently I bought some ProDynamics AUX-660's from my store because the guy never came back to pick them up after 4 months.I got them for a steal but now im reading all this mess about a lone salesman and etc. When I went to the webpage it looked cheesy and not put together-they boasted these went for $1,200.00 each. Whats up with this?Speakers sound okay but if they fall apart I guess Ill get in line with everybody else. BUYER-
BEWARE-BENDOVER cuz you gonna pay up the wa-zoo!

yep - just like the rest of you.. i bought a pair today. blue van in wisconsin. paid 200 - hope they make decent rear channel speakers!

yup. i just got screwed today! those suckers got me for 200 bucks! does anyone have any speakers that have actually lasted? i feel like such an idiot! damn! im in north carolina and they just got me today! arkansas plates. SOMEONE HELP!!

Ben Dover
Unregistered guest
just got a pair in jacksonville, fl. thought they were bad *** and well worth the money. plus mine really did come with a five year warranty so if they do break i get new ones.

SH!T, me and my roomate paid a guy in an explored $210 for a pair of Prodynamics Elite. The damn box said 1200 retail. Does anyone know if they even f*cking work? Well get out the ky fellas cause we all thought we were shrewd business men and we got railed. I just hope that they are worth 200, we could just use them at our aptmt.

Unregistered guest
I just bought 2 Pro Dynamics from the same fools in the tan chevy venture van, paid 300. They caught me outside the bank and my keys were locked in my car so i gave in from his sales talk and bought them. retail price said 1029. I got owned.

Unregistered guest
I just bought 2 Pro Dynamics from the same fools in the tan chevy venture van, paid 300. They caught me outside the bank and my keys were locked in my car so i gave in from his sales talk and bought them. retail price said 1029. I got owned... so look out for them in the north florida area.

Unregistered guest
just bot 4 for $500 in Wisconsin from guy who said he ordered 4 and got 8...driving a recent model blue full size Chevy van w/ Illinois license plate# 1742SC, about 35 yrs old, long hair, 155#'s ...he swore they weren't stolen...what can one expect for this amount of $...except reading the other comments I paid $250 too much!

Tony M
Unregistered guest
I got the same deal, same white van, and same story for $250 pair. I went home and plugged it up to my HK330 and they sound good believe it or not. I turned and they don't blow. But it has only been a hour, I will give updates later.

Unregistered guest
I just witnessed the same scam. I was outside working and some dude pulls up in a white jeep with ny plates and ask me if im interested in some home speakers. He says ill take just about any offer for them. He had three sets new in boxes. He started out at 600.00 a set and within minutes I had him down to 300.00 for all of them! I didnt buy them it seemed kinda fishy to me. sounded like they were hot to me but i wasnt sure and I didnt want to buy any stolen stuff. Whats the deal with this whole "white jeep" scam anyways? is it garbage or is it legit?

people who say they sound are just talking themselves into it. You get what you pay for. they would blow if you tested them side by side with high end equipment.

S. Crewd
Unregistered guest
I live in San Francisco CA and I was first approached back in 94. Two guys in a white van wanted to show me some speakers but I wasn't interested. They followed me home and insisted that I take a look so I did. Don't remember what kind but they looked good and they swore they were not stolen. Just extras from a job and our boss needs to get ride of them. Didn't add up and $450 seemed steep. I was tempted and the one guy saw it. Who doesn't want a nice big pair of speakers at a good price? So after what seemed like a half an hour of trying to shake these guys, they had the nerve to ask for beer money because I wasted their time. Even wanted my sunglasses.
The next time was in 97. This time I was walking to work a few blocks from my place and didn't really have time. Of course the helpful gents offered me a ride. They stopped, opened the door and had broachers and color fliers stating $1200 and $1400 retail. There it was, the speaker in the picture, just like they said except they wanted only $300 because that's the ATM limit. I figured that the stuff must have been blown out from testing at the theater/movie house/club they claimed to just be at. So I tested them on a small stereo I had at my place a block away and they worked pretty good. This time I bought them at $275 for the pair of Acoustic Response Speakers. Once I got a bigger system I hooked them up and noticed a popping sound out of one of the tweeters. There it was, the blown speaker I was afraid of. So I turned down the tweeter on that speaker. I also had them hooked up with some Sony floor speakers so I didn't notice how weak these speakers are. Liquid cooled, 125 watts handling, my a**. Over all they sounded ok, kind of thin in the bass but very tight. Once I started pulling them apart, I soon realized that the speakers may not be what the specs say. At the time, I could not find anything on the web about these things. Until now. After seeing an add calling my precision studio monitors the "white van speakers." So, I started punching them into google and have found many web sites like this one.
It should be obvious not to buy anything out of vans. Duh. But some of these guys are very pushy. Either walk away quickly or have some fun with them and waste their time but don't buy anything. One of the companies is called Great White North.

New member
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Wow. You'd think I'd have heard about this. I just bought these speakers from 2 guys in a White Van in a Wal-Mart in Tallahassee 20 minutes ago. Paid $190.00 cash for what they showed me in a catalog were $1029.00 speakers. Since I have to rent some speakers from Music Masters this Saturday, thought I might use these instead. Looks like I got duped. I have a great set of JVC SX-A3's at home that I've been using since 1988. Didn't really need new home speakers, but I thought I might be able to use these KPP-901's for small gigs deejaying around town rather than renting from Music Masters. According to your comments, looks like I still gotta rent from Music Masters. Smack me in my mouth - I'm out 190 bucks. Said they had to be back in Jacksonville and were gonna lose the speakers anyway - guy they were delivering to ordered 4 but only took 2? Sound familiar?
But they're still in the box - maybe I can sell 'em out of my trunk!!

Tom Bocook
Unregistered guest

Oh my!

Nick in Richmond
Unregistered guest
Just saw these guys in Richmond, VA. They asked me if I wanted some speakers and I said what kind. They were like "come and look" once I saw that crap I knew they were chiense garbage. Two dudes in a wite van, of course. One with a lot of tats on his arm. If you buy these things you get what you deserve! You cant get anything that is realy quailty for that cheap unless it is stolen. The no name brand should give it away!

Unregistered guest
Anyone interested in getting in on the scam. go to their web site and sign up to be a distributor. Got nailed $200 for a pair same pitch as the rest in NE Florida.

New member
Username: Poptone

Tallahassee, FL United State...

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Silver Member
Username: Project6

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will this website make these crappy speakers better?

Unregistered guest
Same old story Pro Dynamics KPP 901 and I also bought a theater research surround system. They started off at 2000 and I walked away with it all for 200.Ive seen this in southern california for ten years,not bad for shop speakers.These guys are in a tan chevy tahoe in Tampa FL.They hit me up in the bank parking lot.

Unregistered guest
I was approached.
Three guys in a green ford Explorer. Loaded.
I looked at the stuff same Catch Phrases described above.
I'm a install tech and work w/ pro audio and display gear everyday. After looking at the the speakers I offered them a hundred bucks for the surround sound set. They haggled I said no. I lingered in the lot awhile and they came back. They gave me the set for hundred bucks. I can't complain about 5 speakers for a hundred bucks.
1)I put the center channel up against my friends "infinity" center and I must say that the pro dynamics sound better.
2)I put the stereo speakers against my "Mbquart .5's" and am having a hard time deciding which are better.
3)I took the box apart but could not find any identifiable markings inside. Very good construction But I have not tried the mounts.
4) After researching other manufacturers, I have come to the conclusion that the Whoever is making these "pro dynamics" is using the same components (Titanium Dome Tweeter, Woofer)as "JBL". Check out the design and spec of your nock offs and then check out the JBL northridge series. Take the cover off yours and look at the components then compare to the JBL. After all, there are only afew companys in the world that actually manufacture speaker components.

Would I recomend anybody buy anything from strangers in Mall parking lots?
Absolutely NOT!

New member
Username: Theo

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Just wanted to let everyone know there are still other fools out there! I, too, was scammed last week in Lexington, SC in the parking lot at a bank. I was approached by two men in a dark blue van with SC license plates, who claimed they were getting rid of over stock of ProDynamics surround sound systems, series 5.1. The retail was 1990.00, but he was asking 1,000.00 but negotiated for 100.00.
I hooked the speakers up to a receiver in my garage/workshop. So far they are playing great; I hope they last. Actually,they sound better than the old Bose speakers I was using. They have more base. Anyone want to pay 200.00 and S/H? LOL

Unregistered guest
i just bought a pair yesterday for $100 in Greenville, SC.

Really and truly speaking, I'd have to think of this as a kind of 'half scam,' because I just hooked up the speakers, and they do sound pretty nice. Of course they're not worth $1200, but I still think I got a decent deal. I don't feel like I was necessarily cheated, I had my doubts even as I was handing this guy my money. I think this is probably as good a deal as it gets for a hundred bucks. My only complaint are the evil screw in posts. They are the devil.


Unregistered guest
Hey. I have the worst story of all. I honestly think my story is the best of how these guys got me and if you can think of any better than you tell me. I live in mauldin,sc and i was out lookin for an amp for some speakers my brother was giving me and was unsuccessful. I came out of the place and sure enough the guys in the white van starting giving me their whole little deal. Well i told them i was lookin for an amp and only had money for that and was goin to my car after telling them i couldnt. Well... THey noticed the for sale on my 89 Ford probe (this was in like 2002) and told me they could just trade me the speakers for my car.. And the car wasnt that great and was goin to sellf it for like 1500 or more or less. And figured since the speakers were worth 1099 each and if i got 4 i could quickly sell them on ebay and at least get 2,000. Well they followed me home and my mom told me she would let me make my own decision and sure enough they drove off with my car and iwas left with 4 speakers and no wheels. And now im gettin calls from some guy that bought the car from them and wants the title information cause they had lost it. I feel i actually got screwed bigtime. I had never actually searched for these posts until now and realize im not the only one. I do feel however if anyone got screwed and scammed i did. I realize i cant do anything bout it so that sucks. Anywho. Thats my story and i figured you could all laugh at that cause thats all i can do now. So if you think you got scammed just look at what i did. And hopefully you wont feel so bad afterall. :-D If you have anything worse than that i would love to hear. Drop me an e-mail at .

Decide For Myself
Unregistered guest
Yes, this is a sleazy operation with slimy marketing practices and phoney invoices - however I would have a hard time classifying it as a complete scam. Fake invoices are probably illegal, but selling stuff for however much you can get from the customer is standard business practice - be it in a reputable store or from the back of a van.

The name brand manufacturers might really be the ones ripping us off and those that didn't pay too much for the Pro Dynamics may have gotten the sweet deal. Read what "Detective" above has to say.

I haven't ever seen these speakers, they are like many other companies with a flashy website and suspect marketing but the product has to be judged on it's own merits. I would check construction with my eyes and hands, and let my ears be the final judge. If the price is right, let me have them.

As for them falling apart, I doubt the cabinets are much worse than regular brands so all that's left is the component quality and there aren't a lot of posts here from people saying their speakers are fried!

Buyer beware, but judge something on it's own merits - ignore the supposed invoices and the retail guy that says they "fall apart after a month". Consumers like us and forums like this are actually the best source of FACTS.

Head in Ground
Unregistered guest
Geez, I just finished looking at all these threads just feeling like someone should paint a big "L" on my forehead. I just paid $500 for a pair of Pro Series III Model ES-3000. I sure thought is was a good deal but man was I a fool. And it's really ironic since I've been telling my friends of this "great deal" I just got on a pair of speakers. Well, I'll certainly be shutting up now and pray that nobody who knows me doesn't find out the truth. I must say that I consider myself a smart person, but when it comes to scams, smarts have nothing to do with it-- it's all about using GOOD COMMON SENSE. I'm a bit afraid to crank them up and wanna still think that the retail value makes it a good deal but when I do hear them, I suppose the disappoinment will set in and I can feel no smarter than the people I view on scam documentaires.

Unregistered guest
hey i brougt some at kmamt parking lot on el paso texas the ask me if i want to see them and i just opay 100.00 for a pair. that they said on the box 1200.00 so i pay them i the sound awesome!!!

also i remember those spekaers had their webpage and now i cant find it. can you help me??

Unregistered guest
Hey, I guess I am not alone. I just told some friends I got a pair of expensive speskers for 200 bucks. I guess my bad karma has caught up with me from buying that suspiciously cheap pair of JLs and a sony amp for 120 back in high school. That was the real deal, however, it was no questions asked. The only good thing about this was that this was that some dude I work with gave me a nice 200W amp for free to push them. I hope they last at least a couple of years. It was the usual scam. I was driving down the street in jacsonville and these two dudes in a white mini van pulled up next to me and said they worked for a music supply warehouse out of Orlando and they had an extra pair of speakers from one of their jobs they wanted to get rid of. They must be blowing all of their money on crack judging from that P.O.S mom-mobile grocery getter they were cruising in. Anyways, If anyone runs into these dudes please knock their teeth out for all of us who got jipped. Karma is a

Just bought a pair, just found this site. Walking out of Home Depot, in Greenville, S.C., I was just approached by a guy in a BLUE MINI VAN. Same story, ordered too many, but, this guy had to get rid of them in the next 20 minutes before he meets his boss, and finds out he screwed up and got too many speakers. He was going on about these high ouput home theater surround sound speakers, fronts,center,rears, and a sub.,marked at $1999.00. He started at 300.00 and told him I wasnt interested, he continued to come down on the price and in the mean time he played the speakers in the van after conveniently pulling the rolled wire out from under the passenger seat, damn how did I not see that coming. Finally after telling him, no, several times he said O.K. just pay me 150.00 and take them on, thats what my storage building and deposit would cost me, he said. I said O.K., this guy followed me like a puppy to the bank ATM. I just got home and did a google, and here I'am. I'm looking at this box of speakers in my floor, scared to death to hook them up. And I just noticed the box spells theater, theatre, son of a @#%$& how did i not see that.

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