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I am sorry about my english. The thing is, i am so used to sms(short message service: only got 180 characters to send from one cell phone 2 the other), i forget to include the actual words. So sorry about that. Thanks for repling to my message.

Just took delivery of my opel 200ts. It's a real m3 eater.

I do not know much about car audio. I got an alpine deck with shuttle 25wx4, two 120w pioneer speakers, two 250w pioneer 6"x9", two 12" 250w sansui sub, one boss amp 500w 2 channel and one sansui amp 200w 2 channel.

How do i go about connecting up this system.
I want bumping sound to go with my ts.

Need your help urgently!!!!!



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Here we go... there's two ways you can do this... you can make you're head unit a "dead" head unit, that is, use pre-amped outputs and run those to one of your amplifiers,(preferably the Sansui 200 x 2). Then run the amplifyed outputs to your speakers. OR you can just power your 4 speakers directly from the head unit(not reccomended because you're only pushin 25 watts a speaker, and thats with the EQ maxed out and volume at max, which creates alot of distortion. Hopefully you're head unit also has a set of rear outputs, which are not amplifyed, and you run RCA cables from there to the larger amp, which in turn runs to the sub. Hopefully this helps, and if you need more help, i'd check out some wiring diagrams that you can find at (since you're system is mostly pioneer). My compliments on the alpine deck though, alpine makes good equipment.

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Scratch the pioneer website, my mistake!

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