What you think of KENWOOD amps


a Kenwood 800 watt amp to run 2 twelve inch rockford fosgates off of?

should work and sound pretty good

well I went ahead got the kenwood 800 watt and ran 2 twelve inch competition kickers in a sealed dual kicker box. Sounds awesome!

Dont even fu*k with a Kenwood amp. I bought one from the Kenwood Outlet 1000 watts peak power (actually like 100 rms) and that sh*t sucked. the 600 watt legacy amp that I had before pushed my subs harder than that Kenwood. And then I bought a 1400 watt Boss amp and it blew the Kenwood and the Legacy out the water. For the money you can do much better.

Exactly! I got a Boss RIP-595 its the best amp I had! What model Boss amp do you have?

well, my kickers are 150 rms each, the rating on the kenwood amp is 150W x 2 so basically I'm pushin the kickers at max right now, what more do I need, plus the power is CLEAN, I had a legacy amp 1600 watts hooked to my kickers before, the power wasn't clean, the music sounded trashy plus that legacy amp didn't have a built-in fan so it overheated AND then one of the knobs fell off! As far as BOSS goes, I heard from about 3 people that BOSS are the worst amps to buy...

im using the rockford 801s amp to power my 2 HE 12 inch subs and it sucks

rockford is supposed to be the best, what's the wattage on your amp compared to your speakers?

hey does that 595 boss have a switch to change from 4 to 2ohms

Murdock Mollen
I wouldn't trust Kenwood amps unless it's an excelon (you better be rich). If you want a quality amp made in the U.S.A. then buy an Alpine V12. They have the cleanest sound for the price and they always put out a little more power than they are rated for. If you want sound quality then don't even think about buying any legacy, pyramid, or Boss amps.

Barry McOckiner
I work at a custom car stereo workshop in WA and I can tell you that ANY amp will sound clean and great no matter what brand as long as you use proper powering such as a larger alternator and or appropriately sized capacitor, and use a very high quality wiring kit. Always make sure you have the best preamp jacks you can find and expensive speaker wire because that is what makes the sound clean.

i have to disagree barry. i've been installing systems for a long time and there is a big difference in sound with different brands. have you ever heard a boss amp next to a sinfoni amp? i don't care how expensive your wiring is, that boss amp will never touch the sinfoni. by the way, in case you guys didn't know, sinfoni is like a ferrari for amplifiers. really top of the line. check out sinfoni's website sometime.

Hey Teflondog, where can i get sinfoni amps at? I know there made in italy. I just came back from greece and i could have picked one up in europe but i wasnt aware of there perfect sound capabilities. do you know of any dealers in the USA? Need to get a couple of them...

I have a 1200 watt kenwood exline hooked up to 2 alpine type R's, and it will blow any of these people out of my car. So dont dis on kenwood, you janarice amp havin fucks.

I am also looking for a SInfoni dealer in US. I am looking for an amp to push a pair of Diamond Hex Components and probably a pair of 6 1/2" Eclipse point source (I haven't totally decided on what to put in the back). I am looking towards the line of amps such as Soundstream, Diamond Audio, Sinfoni, Xtant, Steg, and McIntosh Labs, so don't mention amps such as kicker, fosgate, alpine, or boss please (nothing against these amps it's just that you cant compare a Ferrari to a Honda Accord).

Anonymous with the kenwood 1200 watt amp You make me laugh.I have 4 12w7's in my truck each running off a JL 1000/1 amp and just one of them will blow away ur 2 type R's sooo dont try to make kenwood out as a good amp cuz it isnt and by the way its Generic not jananice u idiot.

Brad whats wrong with Kicker its not no Ferrari but it aint no pinto either I would say its a Supercharged Pontiac Gto ha ha ha ha ha

I had a older (2001) kenwood 600 watt amp and we hooked it up to my 2 jl audios w0's and it sucked, my 240 watt ppi amp made them hit a hell of alot better. The only thing that kenwood makes well is their decks. KENWOOD SUCKS!!

Im not bringing down kenwood. I think you all are missing the application that the amp I am looking for will take. I am not pushing subs. I am looking for clarity not just db's. All it takes is watts to make noise. All the amps listed above will do this. What I am trying to do is push a $600 dollar pair of 6 1/2" components. A kicker, boss, fosgate, ect... will all work but why would you park a Pointiac next to a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. Nothing against a pointiac its just that it doesn't belong in my garage. I am looking for an extremely clean sounding amp. I look at THD%, S/N ratio, dampening factor, frequency range and so on. An xtant amp rated at 250W @ 2ohms will outpower a Kenwood rated at 600W @ 2ohms, simply because companies like kenwood take the highest level of watts that the amp can produce without distortion and companies like xtant, mcintosh labs, diamond, sinfoni, ect... take the highest level of watts that produce the cleanest (best) sound. These companies have established a name for themselves and know that their buyers allready know that the power is there. All I got on this forum for was simply to find a place to price sinfoni amps, so if anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

Does anyone know where in the U.S., can I buy a Sinfoni Amp?

I like Kenwood- they are actually really good- they at least have the brains to put cooling fans inside. I would just think that would be a minimum requirment for something that will kick up high watts at long periods of time.

I'm fixing to buy a 1000 watt amp to power my 2 10 inch rockford fosgates 1000 watts a piece. what is a good amp with good sound quality w/o spendind more than 400 dollars is kenwood a good amp for the value.

You can reach the Sinfoni dealer by sending an email to Someone will get back to you. He is located in Washington state.

Sorry I do not recall the gentleman's name, but I purchased an AMPLitude 150.2 (165W/ch). It is beautiful.

I have not installed it yet, because I can only purchase my components a piece at a time, but I'm expecting great things. Good Luck!

Hey anonymous, with the w rockford 1000w subs, are they 1000 max and 500rms? If so and you dont want to spend alot of money then you need to get a JBl bp1200.1 amp its a mono amp that pushes over 1200 watts @ 2 ohms. The price on ebay or is around 250 or 300 plus shipping and its a great amp for the price.

i just have a question,

i bought 1 15inch audioban in a ported box and a 600 watt kenwood amp to put in my 94 crown vic.

do you guys think that it will hit even though its one sub in a big trunk,


Yeah it should hit major, try re-positioning it though. I would try to put it as close to the back of your seat as possible and the woofer facing you if your looking at it with the trunk open. Also when your trunk is closed that is where the judging begins.

ruxpinj the Jbl bp1200.1 is not bridgable how do u plan on tellin him to hook them subs up u fucki*ng idiot.

i got a awt12x 12 inch audiobahn 2000watts rms dual 6 ohm ' i think' whats the best way to run it and what amp should i use 'without draning my bank account'

the JBL bp1200.1 can handle two subs in parallel, and at 1 Ohm, or 2 Ohms (stable to 1 Ohm, same power output as 2 Ohms) the amp will give 600WRMS per sub to a pair of 4 Ohm subs, or even a pair of 2 Ohm subs.
the amp even has two sets of speaker terminals for wiring up two subs.
Be aware that this amplifier will require just over 100A of current to run when giving 1200WRMS.

Unregistered guest
i got a 1000watt max monoblock kenwood amp. it delivers something like 400x1 rms at 4 ohms. i want to get a alpine type r 10" sub. would the kenwood amp slam that sub? my buddy has a 800 watt kenwood hooked up to 1 alpine type S, and that caves in my chest! what do you guys think?

New member
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I think kenwood is crap, and the only decent subs alpine has are the type R.

I also think you need to quit cross-posting.
I'm sick of seeing this same dumb message over and over.

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When i first got my 10W7, i had a 600 watt max (about 300 rms) kenwood pushing it. The W7 sucked that pathetic amp dry. I was only able to play it about 20 mins before the amp overheated. Obivously this amp was not designed to power the W7, but overall kenwood sucks

Mike the Dude
Unregistered guest
Guys I just got a class D 1000 watt max kenwood and bridged a couple of the p5 10inch sony subs (the red pentagons), the systems rocks in an enclosed box. I didnt even have to get a cap, the amp just drives those subs insane, yet the bass is very accurate without those crapping out distortions.

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I'm sure to some people, three kazoos and an AM radio sound really super, too.

audio is, to an extent, subjective.

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