i know boss audio subs arent the greatest but how bout the amps i mean how much is there to an amp --Boss RIP-695 Ripper Series in particular i just need to feed 700 watts to my subs at 2 ohms so if u know of any others please reply

I hope they are decent, I will soon find out. That is the exact amp I bought to push my subs. Hope to install this weekend.

anyone else- pleas help

I wouldn't buy boss, I would rather buy US accustic or Sony Xplod.

boss is a pd3000 boss amp and it pushes my solo's perfectly 1000 watts rms @ 1 ohm.....

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Username: Cutlas

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yeah i just bought a boss r635 amp waitin for it to get here. i hope its good, ive owned a Riot 435 or some thing like that but sold it to my friend and never used it but it works like a charm on my friends MTX 10" and it only uses 1 channel

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Username: Glasswolf

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I wouldn't buy a boss amp for any reason, with the possible exception of a boat anchor.
their amps have a strong tendancy to fail within a year of purchase, much like Sony.
they are also very poorly made.

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Username: Hydro

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Glasswolf I would recommend Boss amps to anyone who has LEGACY,PYRAMID,PYLE,JENSEN,SONY,or AMERICAN PRO SUBS cuz its pointless to waste a good amp on crap subs so why not get a Boss amp.

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Username: Glasswolf

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ehh I wouldn't recommend any of those products either.
I usually suggest they sell the stuff if they did already buy it, or try to educate them on better equipment if they are willing to learn.
Some folks don't know any better... others are ignorant by choice or just cheap i guess.
I help the ones I can :-)

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hey i'm interested in 1 audiobahn AW1208T good or bad? i need an amp to push it, i don't want to spend over 250$. also the audiobahn has DVC 2ohms each, is that 2ohms or 4ohms total load on the amp. I looked at a Boss R3000D. That looks like enough to push it but i hear mixed opinions.

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I think Boss give more bang with less buck, I think it's good to buy R 3000 D, but if U have more money it's good to take fosgate,MTX,or anything branded product, because the lifetime of your equipment, U know money can't lie, but salesman does!

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Username: Glasswolf

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refer to the above link regarding if a product brand is any good or not.
audiobahn isn't that good.
boss is total crap.
RF isn't that good either these days. MTX however, does make good amplifiers.

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Does any one have experience with the new Boss Klash K580 2 Channel 900 Watts Car Amp? i want to use it to power 2 10" Rockford Fosgate 400w peak 150wRMS Subs, at 4 Ohms... Is it wise to get an amp that is just a bit more powerfull then the subs, so you dont drive it at full power all the time? Durrability wise... Here are the specks
New Klash Series for 2003 -- 2 Channel Boss Klash K580
Max Power @ 2 Ohms -- 450 watts x 2
RMS power @ 4 Ohms - 170 watts x 2 RMS
Bridged Power 900 watts x 1
Bridgeable Mosfet Amplifier
Frequency Response - 20 - 300 Hz
S/N Ration - >105dB
THD .01%
2 Channels
Dimensions - 11 3/8" x 2 5/16" x 12 3/8"
Tri-Mode operations
Remote Subwoofer Level Control
Line and Speaker Level Inputs
Line out for easy hook up to multiple amps
0-+18dB Bass Boost
Mosfet Power Supply
Variable low pass crossovers
Variable High Pass crossovers
Gain control
Power and Protection LEDs
Plexiglass top cover
Input voltage switch 100mv-2V / 2V-8V

Please email me if possable... Thanks

PS i have found it at store for $74ish

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Username: Glasswolf

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sounddomain is overpriced and has about a 50% bad review rate as a retailer.

as for Boss, I wouldn't recommend buying anything they make.
reliability is about on par with Sony.

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