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Ler Johnson
Ok i am a newbie, but please help me out.

I am looking into purchasing a kicker L7 10" 4 ohm sub. What kind of amp do i need (how do you find the real watts and do i want to have watts at the low end of the sub)? Do i need a passive crossover while i am still using the stock speakers? Will all receivers run this system? What enclosure should i look into?

Please any info would be useful

The L7 line is a nice line. The L7 10" 4 ohm sub can handle anywhere from 75-600 watts rms(continuous power) and will peak at 1200watts. if your only buying a single sub I suggest buying a mono amp to drive the sub. with the amount of money your dropping on the sub your beter off buying a quality amp to actually get the full potential use out of the sub, I would go with a kicker amp(my friend has an L7 12" and was using the kicker kx600). all you need though is 75 watts rms(rms rating is the continuous power rating. Just about any reciever should work, your always better off with a reciever that has seperate sub out and sub controllers, this allows you to control your sub volume from the front. Again as far as enclosures go, buy one that is made for that sub, its a square sub so i'm not sure how many are available(check what q-logic makes). For an amp suggestion try brigding the kicker kx300.2, that will run you sub at 300 watts rms. compare some prices at and crutchfield and see what you can get. good luck.

Samm naone
I have 1 12" L7 Kicker sub and I was wondering if the Kicker 600.1 amp would be the best amp for the job.

I would use a rockford bd 1000 for a 12 l7

B Bangin
I have a 2 solo 12" L7s and I have a memphis 1000d and it sounds like death comming out the trunk! My opinion would be to at least put about 500-600 on a 12, about 400-450 on a 10, depending on what kind of enclosure you use, sealed or ported. You can use less power with a ported enclosure.

killa b bangin
i have 2 L7 15" and a rockford fosgate 801x should i get a ported or sealed box

hi this is the first time i am putting together a system so i need some help. i have a L7 15" and a freind has advised me to use a kx1200.1 . do you think this will do the job of powering the sub to its full limits? i also might think of adding another L7 in the future.

Hey i got Two MTx's a RTA180x and a RT2100x and i think they only put about about 100-200 watts each. I have 15 inch sony X subs with custom box. I was wondering if the Kicker 600.1 would bump it. Why is it sometimes if you buy a amp with 1200 watts and you buy a kicker 600.1 there more powerful and more bass is that true. As of now i got new pioneer speakers all around, 2 Mtx's amps, 2 tweeters, and a sirius Kenwood head Unit.

If you are interested in my Two MTX's give me a call they are brand new. I started to use them about 1 in-half weeks ago. I use them untill i got my 600.1 kicker. So e-mail me or post.

I've got 2 JL Audio 12w3v2's Dual 4 ohm for sale, they both take 350watts RMS. I have had them in my car for about 3 months powered by a Kicker ZR600. If you're looking for high SPL AND great sound quality at all volumes these are a must.If you're interested I'm trying to sell them both for $325.

P.S. They are both in mint condition and were installed by a professional.
2 12" subs You pay shipping/insurance.

James Kevin

i just bought a new solobaric L7 12

i wanted to know what kind of amp i should use


I have my heart set on the solobaric 12'' L7 and the only box avalible is sealed. But i want to put it in a suv and to me i think it would sound better if it was ported so what do yall think? should I buy the r/t sealed box and put a hole with the down tube or just make my own? any info will help thanx.

The L7 series will put to good use as much clean power as you can feed it.

Anynomous, use a sealed box exactly as Kicker says to. The Solo Baric series is designed for small sealed boxes. Besides, there are much better subs for ported boxes.

i have 4 kicker silver L7 subs running on 2 1500 watt alpine V12 amps and 2 1.5 farad power caps which is all running off a optimum yellow top battery. is it possible to run 2 more L7s off the existing setup?

directer 1100d is the best amp to power an L715 or an L712

i am getting 2 L715 2ohm subd powering them with a fosgate power series 1000 watt rms am i gonna do any damage to my subs not putting the full 1000 watt rms to each sub??

The Suggested power range is 75-1000 watts on each sub so ull be puttin 500 into each one u should be fine.

Looking for an amp? I have an awsome amp for sale really really cheap. Iam selling my car so the entire system has to go. This amp works perfect and look like new. This guy puts out over 1100watts will power anything from 2 15" 2 12" 3 10" will power anything you have. Dont miss this. Take a look at the website retail price on this guy take a look and read the reviews Dont miss this deal I paid $650 bucks for this amp selling it for $260. Also you get free wiring kit with the amp. Email me back tell me if you are interested.

I just got 2 L7 12"s and i will be running them in the trunck of my lumina lots of trunk room but seat dose not fold down so the sound is muffed i have the memtphis 11000D is there any thing i could get to make it sound better. HELP..........

I just got 2 L7 12"s and i will be running them in the trunck of my lumina lots of trunk room but seat dose not fold down so the sound is muffed i have the memtphis 1100D is there any thing i could get to make it sound better. HELP..........

TO Anonymous DEc 4 at 8:20 A.M.
First try damping your trunk with dynomat or ice guard(cheaper insulant used mostly on roofing projects.
If u don't notice a difference afterwards then try to run the subs parallel to the amp if it can handle 1 ohm. But make sure you take care not to over heat your amp.
u should also try pointing your subs in the oppostite direction u currently have them. That sometimes works.
If nothing works send another request, I have some other ideas but not sure yet.

I am kinda new at this and i am getting 2 L7 10"'s and i am wondering what kind of amp i should get. can somebody help me

This amp should match your L7's perfectly
KICKER KX1200.1 1200 Watt Mono Amplifier

I would wire both subs parallel to get a 1 ohm load then hook it up the amp and each sub will be getting 600 watts and ur system will thump hard.

New member
Username: Fillymo

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Someone Answer If u Know UR STUFF : ) I just got this amp Im not familiar with this amp I was wondering wich would be the smartest choice to get Solo Baric L7 12 Inch or the 15 inch. Let me hear some opinions research on the amp if necassary thanks. Also I can get a Dual 2 ohm of either woofer for 1 ohm and the amp claims to be 1 ohm safe any thing negative about running at 1 ohm

New member
Username: Glasswolf

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good amplifier.
the 1200.1 will put out 1200wRMS at 2 Ohms as well as 1 Ohm
the output is regulated with a 1 Ohm load to produce the samw power as at 2 Ohms.
This does however mean that you'll be drawing about 110A of current for the amplifier from your alternator. You'll require a new, high output alternator to handle that amp.
generally as the only real negatives to lower impedance, you'll have higher current draw, and higher distortion.
that's all. The distortion is still inaudible so not really an issue.
set the gains properly, too. avoid clipping, to avoid damage to the sub(s).
you'll want a pair of Y splitters for the RCA connectors, too. (2M to 1F) because the JBL performs best when signal is sent to all four of it's RCA line inputs.
The amp should go just fine with L7 subs.

New member
Username: Fillymo

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Thanks for your reply, So I mise well run at 2 ohms? And can a dual 2 ohm speaker run at 2 ohms? or should i just get a dual 4 ohm and run it 2 ohms.

New member
Username: Glasswolf

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dual 2 Ohm coils will result in either a 1 or a 4 Ohm load.
dual 4 Ohm coils will result in either a 2 or an 8 Ohm load.

that's per sub.

If you're still looking at the S10L7, then you want 600wRMS from an amplifier @ 2 Ohms for a single sub (that'd be a single dual 4 Ohm coil sub) so here are two good choices:
JBL BP600.1 (600wRMS x 1 @ 2 Ohms) ~$200
Kicker KX1200.1 (600wRMS x 1 @ 2 Ohms) ~$350
JL Audio 500/1 (~650wRMS x 1 @ 1.5-4 Ohms) -$400


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Have you heard the quality of L7 15" Im wondering if its gonna be good?

New member
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the S15L7 is primarily an SPL sub.
if you want SQ, avoid square subs entirely.
Go with something like RE, ID, Adire, or JL.

New member
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Im willing to spend like 200 - 250 on a sub
Wich a Kicker L7 15 fits in but it has to be loud and able to go great with my 1200 watt amp. Any ideas

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I heard a 12 inch l7 and it sounded pretty clear U sure the 15 wouldnt sound that good Cuase the 18 inch Solo X is square like an L7 and it won the loudest and quality "How does it perform? It grabbed World Championships in its first SPL competition (that means it's loud) - AND in its first Sound Quality competition (that means it sounds good). How's that? " from kicker site

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I'm not that fond of square subs. they will never sound as good as a round sub because they are subject to uneven stress points, and cone distortion at high excursion.
If you like how it sounds, then that's all that really matters, and if you like the L5, then go for it.. but be wise enough not to fall for everything a company's own website tries to tell you.
MTX likes to claim that their 9500 series subs are better than JL's W7 subs, too.
that's pure fiction.

The solobaric subs will have a high SPL because they have a good Xmax, and being square, they offer more surface area. Statistics can be very misleading though. "winning a SQ competition" would be amusing since I've never heard of such a thing strictly speaking. SQ is a part of overall judging in IASCA/USAC events, but it's not a sole basis of judging like SPL is at dB Dragracing events. They also didn't mention against whom they competed, how they were compared, etc.

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