4ch -> 2ch Stereo


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I have a rather old ALA320 Altec Lansing Amp. It's four channels. Right now I have it split 4 ways. In the back I have two Alpine 6x9's Type R's. In the front I have some small type R's (not important). I have a head unit that pushes out 45 watts so I'm waisting a lot of power here. I'd like to bridge the amp so I have 180 x 2 in the back in stereo. Can any of you help me with how to bridge the amp properly? I'm not an idiot but I have very little car audio experiance. Also it may be important the AMP has a switch that says 2ch, 3ch, 4ch. I don't even want to know what the hell 3ch is..

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3ch would be using for example the front left and right outputs to power two speakers and then using the rear left/right channels bridged to power 1 speaker.

To do 180x2 simply select two channel mode and then take the front left/right channels and connect negitive from one and positive from the other channel to the correct terminals posts on the speaker. Do the same for the rear. Now your powering 2 speakers with two bridged channels off a 4ch amp.

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