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Hey guys/gals, I'm in the market for a digital camcorder and I wanna hear all your recommendations. I'm no photographer and I don't work for nasa so please don't suggest a $1500 cam lol. Just something I can record my kids and general video. Throw some brands to stay away from and I know pixel count is important but at what level is considered a standard threshold for quality? I have a couple external hard drives for space so I want to start using them. I've had a 200gb drive and just got another today from Staples that has 500gb on sale right now for $119. I couldn't pass it up!

Anyway if Berny was still around he would be all over this but I appreciate everyone's opinion. I can't throw an exact budget # out there because I believe if it's worth the money then it's worth spending it, however I'm no Bill Gates so keep it under $400 or so. I want a camera that will keep up for at least 5 years without it going obsolete in 2, you know what I mean? Thanks!

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You can have a look at the JVC GR-D350 miniDV camcorder,it usually sales for $129.

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Wow, way to revive a 6 month old thread :-)
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