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I'm new to the board, as I'm trying to figure out how to transfer movies I have recorded (on DV Cassettes with my Sony Handycam DCR-HC40) to my PC or directly burning the movies to a DVD (via the PC). The only way I can trasnfer the movies to the PC is with special effects and background music -- I just want to transfer the raw movie, then burn it to a DVD with other software I have (Roxio).

I'd greatly appreciate any help in this matter.


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Firstly, you can read from my following post here on my experience with my DCR-PC109E and my PC configuration.

I just found that I need to install the software that came with the handycam (Picture Package) before I can use the usb streaming with other software. Otherwise, I can just 'see' that the handycam is connected via usb but unable to transfer/stream/capture with any other software.
As for transferring through firewire/i-link/burning to DVD, after much looking around, I figured that we may need to first get the software that's bundled together with Sony Vaio machines (from my handycam's manual, it says Sony's Burn to DVD Version 1.2). After installing that software, it will allow the button 'Burn to DVD' be used just like the 'Burn to VCD' function/button that we're able to use now. I figured there must be some firewire driver that allows our handycam to be recognised properly.
Problem is, I'm unable to find/download the Sony's proprietary software 'Burn to DVD' to try this out. I guess even though most people say Sony's bundled software is crap, it's still required to get our Sony gadgets to work.

FYI, Sony's official website (for Vaio) only has updates to the software and not the original software itself. I've just downloaded a 'Sony Registry Update for Click to DVD Software - This utility installs a Registry update to resolve an issue where optical drives may not appear in My Computer when Click to DVD update version is applied on systems with Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 installed. I have yet to try this out cos I've just got this information today. You can try it out for yourself if it resolves your issue - no guarantee if it'll work for those who don't have 'Click to DVD' software installed.

P/s If you're able to get your hands on a copy of Burn to DVD program (any version, but the one recommended for my handycam is version 1.2, maybe same as yours), would appreciate if you could share it :-).


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Thanks for the info.

"I just found that I need to install the software that came with the handycam (Picture Package) before I can use the usb streaming with other software. Otherwise, I can just 'see' that the handycam is connected via usb but unable to transfer/stream/capture with any other software."

If I read this correctly, it says that you couldn't do much until you had the Picture Package installed, but once installed you could stream (via USB) to the PC and could save it to your hard drive? If I can simply get the darn file to the PC, I'll be okay -- but I can't even do that. Have you had any success there?

If I get a copy of that Sony Vaio software, I'll let you know.

Thanks again.


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Glad to hear I'm not alone in this analog to digital dilema. My 12-year-old Hitachi Hi8 has died before I could get it's 20-odd old tapes into safe-haven through my Roxio EMC 7.5. So, though I had been on the verge of going MiniDV or DVD with a new camera, I am now forced to the same position you guys are (or were) in.
The only Hi8 camcorders that seem to be available to me are the Sony DCR-TRV480 and the TRV138. However, I am not sure that either of these, (especially the latter one), will bail me out. Have posted to for the answer. Will post here again, when I am top of this.

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trying to sort this out for a friend also. Can't seem to do it through USB, although I can record to the PC directly from the camcorder at a 512kpbs rate (ugly video).

I sent him out to get a firewire cable and we'll try again.


Hi, I have got the DCR-HC40 too and have many days of 'fun' working out how best to use it. The manual kind of assumes you're going to have forked out for a vaio. Anyway, I've got mine working by getting the USB streaming working and then disconnecting that cable and adding the firewire cable. Then use 'Video Capturing Tool' to get the transfer over the firewire cable.

The problem with this software is that you have to manually accept the file once it reaches 2Gb and then it carries on doing the next bit (it pauses the camcorder for you). I have managed to get my copy of Nero Reloaded seeing the camcorder and so assume that this will also do the capture (it offers multiple file capture and I think you can also get the DV info too).

I'm yet to get too far with this as I have limited time. I also need to get my Hi8 tapes onto DVD so will be attempting this in the coming weeks.

My current problem is transcoding the avi capture files to mp2 using nero. I can't get a bitrate above 7k, however that's another story.

I thought this home movie stuff was meant to be easy when you bought sony hardware and nero software!

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I have a Sony CCD-TRV308 Hi8 Camcorder. What kind of cable would I need to transfer video and sound to my PC? Can I get it at a Best Buy or computer store?

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you can use a USB cable or firewire cable.
You"l get better quality videos with firewire but dowload time and file lize is veeeeery large.
USB will give a bad quality vdo but its faster than firewire. I recommend firewire.

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how much is a fire wire and were would it plug in at on the ccd-trv308.

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Hi has anybody had any luck getting the click to DVD software? i've sent numerous emails to Sony and their response is basically if you haven't bought a Vaio you can't have it, i've even offered to purchase the software with no luck, they sent me the following i don't know if it's any help to anyone else, to a technical noob like me it's no use at all,


However, you can use the DV output on the camcorder to transfer the footage from the camcorder to your PC which will provide the same picture quality as when playing the tape in the camcorder itself. You may also hear i-Link referred to as IEEE1394, Firewire or DV. In order to transfer video footage in DV format your PC would require a capture card and video editing software to be installed. You would then connect the camcorder via the i-Link connection to the PC's moving image capture card via an i-Link cable. Once the footage has been captured and edited you can use DVD burning software (this may already be built into your system) to burn the footage to a DVD.


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Hi, I have a Sony Handycam DCR-HC36 and it works great. The only problem I have is when I go to capture the videos, using the supplied Picture Package that came with the camera. The video is all scattered, and what I think is called Framesplitting, is extremely noticeable. The user manual says to lower the video quality, and the framesplitting will be less noticeable, but it has not worked. I wonder if there is other software I can use to capture the videos that will be smoother, if that is possible. The video on the camera is fine, but when streamed to the computer via USB, it is all choppy. Someone, please help..
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