Parallele vs serial...


I'm getting one new sub, I'm wondering should I get the dual 1ohm or dual 4 ohm. It's going running @ 2 ohms.
Which wiring is better? pros and cons


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i would get the cheaper one in my opinion but you might want to wait tell some with a little more experience in impidance says somthing

whats yur budget for an amp

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i didnt know they had a dual 1 ohm sub
they have a dual 2 ohm and a dual 4 and 6 and i think JL makes a dual 8(not sure).
what kind of sub is it?

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I'd do dual 4 ohm. Main benefit is wiring options, and dual 4 ohm leaves you more options. With dual 1 ohms in parallel, you really don't have a lot of options. It's better to run coils in parallel(at least by audiophiles it's considered better, difference is arguable) because voltage is higher instead of current when coils are in parallel. Voltage is considered to give stronger transients.

Anon, I have an amp already, mtx801D. Money is not the subject.

Johnny, Voice coil can be custom made, there quad voice coil, just for a little bit extra.

Jonathan, thank you again for the info, I would prolly going to go with the dual 4.

well, I'm upgrading from 2(12s) compvr sealed 2cf, to IDMAX 12, 2.4 ported turned at 30hz (everywhere I oder is backorder or simpily out of stock). So I'm thinking about ordering a X.X.X, or brahma(some story here, back order), or Eclipse Ti. My box is done, waiting for my sub. At the same time, I'm thinking maybe I should get a differernt box for the kicker and save some money omit the new woofer. The compvr sounds okay, I think it would be better if I make a different box for it, thinking about; 3cf sealed box, or 4.6cf ported around 30-35hz. Small SUV if that helps.


Also thinking about getting a f-mod, is online the only way to get them? looking at the 30hz one, is that the right one? Any other suggestions to make my sub sound better would be consider, sq/spl 70/30 preferable for my sub. Thanks

It's been 3 weeks since I order my sub, it's still not here yet, so I went ahead and cancel my order for the idmax.

What's the idmax price locally? San diego area
does anybody know a good website that's carrying them IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP?

Even maybe a differernt sub, any suggestion(Brahma is out of the quesiton same reason, out of stock or backorder, x.x.x might to too loud and sq is not as good as idmax)? but I do really like the idmax(mainly great sq with hugs spl).

try $311 shipped
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