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Ok as most of you probably know I have a JVC Aresonal Headunit from a year ago well actually about a year and 2 months or so but it is still under warrenty as it has a 2 year warrenty. I'm not positive of the model # but if you guys think you need it I can go dig the box out of the attic. Well anyways I noticed this yesterday on my way to pick up some interior car parts I bought from a guy. It was a 7 hour drive so I listened to it a lot. Well I have Alpine 6X9 speakers in the rear and I started hearing this sound that sounded like someone trying to do a bad job of scratching records like DJ's do. It started out doing it at first then stopped. Well did it a few times later but worked ok. Well coming back today it started doing it some then went back to normal well then it started doing it even more so I just turned it off. I have the stock speaker wire but cut the plug off of the end and soldered some speaker wire onto it so I could plug it into my spears and used the ends that plug into the stock speakers to hook the stock speakers up in my Dodge Pickup truck as it seemed to be the only way to get them to work? Do you guys think it is the Speaker the Head Unit the wireing or what? The other think is some of my friends little brother was listening to my stereo yesterday right before I left and had it turned way up because we were in the church and one of the girl went to open the door right as he turned it on and jumped back and was like holy crap what the heck is that and he had it turned up so the whole freaking kitchen of the church was shaking. I normally don't turn it up this loud but I have before? I got sent out by the adults to make him turn it down and he did he just listened to country music with it at normal volume from then on. Do you think him blasting it would have messed up something? I wouldn't think so as I have have turned it up that loud before but only for a second as it makes your ears start hurting bad before it even gets that loud. I also turned the fade to the front only and you still could hear it but only in the back spearkers. It only seems to be in the back I don't know which speaker or if it is both though. It may very well be only 1 or both I have no idea. I am going to try rewiring tomorrow first unless I get better suggestions and if that doesn't fix it I'm going to put my Alpine HU I have in my truck in there and send the JVC to JVC for warrenty repair but I don't think it is the HU but I could be wrong. Any ideas what is wrong?
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