Opinion on fosgate speakers?


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fosgate 4306 - 6.5 50 watts rms
fosgate 4369 - 6x9 75 watts rms
what are yall guys opinion on these speakers?
how they compare with pioneer?alpine? infinity?
or any other good brand?

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Infinity is the only really good brand you named.

I'd take Infinity Kappa Perfects over any components you mentioned, myself.
It really depends on what you're willing to spend.
If this is on a budget, look at CDT. great stuff, good prices.

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anyone else has opinions?

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Glass is right, the Kappa Perfects are the best of your list. Then Alpine, then Pioneer then Fosgate.

I only put Pioneer above Fosgate because of the value. Fosgate is a little better than Pioneer but the price difference isn't worth it. For the money there are many better choices than Fosgate these days.

Other really good brands are Focal, Polk and Quart but they are quite costly. Worth it if you have the dough but we're talking double the money at least. Try to avoid piezo tweeters if possible, they just don't sound right.

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yeah i know infinity are good..i kind of wish i got infinity...but i was in a rush to get some 6.5 cuz mines went out and was sounding really crappy so i needed some..and the store only had fosgate avaialable..the 4306...and it was only 49 dollar..so i got it..and i want my rear to be matching..i just believe in matching..so that why im asking how are fosgates..maybeone day when i get more money i will change it...but i dont tink that will be in a while

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Of course rule of thumb is that, if you're happy with it, then we're happy for you. :-)

Just whatever you do, don't say Sony Xplod rocks!
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