Freddy K
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Is there something that I can buy that I can hook to my radio or something to stop the hissing noise through my tweeters? there is just a constant SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS noise while the volume is up. It stays at one volume, but it is annoying while you have the music turned down. Any help would be appreciated.

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Do you have the tweeters on an amp?

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thats def. altenator (or however you spell that) whine...its quite possibly the most annoying thing EVER. i'm assuming you have an amplifier as i havn't heard loud whine in headunit-amplified systems. usually what causes it is having your signal wire from the preouts of the headunit running close to your power wire. you should try a few, (don't be lazy) run your power wire on one side of the car, and signal wires on the other side...two, use a better set of rca's w/a little more shielding...also, check your grounds (even if you don't have an amplifier, a bad ground connection will cause a lot of noise) they're very important to knock out noise.

Freddy K
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It doesn't whine with the accelerator. I know what you mean. It is just a one tone sssssssss noise. With the radio turned all the way down you can't hear it. I can turn it up one notch and it is just as loud as it turned way up. I guess it is some kind of hi frequency that only the tweeters can pick up. I don't have them running from an amp. I have four of them total. One of them running from each one of my door speakers. Just wired straight off them. The noise is not Extremely loud or anything like that, but it is annoying to me.

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yeah its out of your head unit sounds like its distortion related high or low

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It's probably just radio hiss. Does it happen with different stations? Are you talking about just the radio, or does it happen when playing Cd's as well? If it is just radio stations, not a lot you can do besides boosting the signal, which antenna boosters generally don't work that well and if hiss is there they will amplify it.
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