Should I go Parrellel or Series???


Hey, I have a Rockford Fosgate 800a2. It's an 800 watt 2 channel amp. I have a 1 farad RF capacitor, 2 12" JL audio w3v2 4 ohm subs, i just ordered a sealed box, and i also just ordered a wiring kit- SCOSCHE AKPA-41. It is a 800 Watt EFX 4 gauge single amp power and audio wiring kit.

It comes with 17 ft EFX-2 clear jacket, spiral shielded OFHC audio cable with frosted RCAs,
17 ft 4 ga. red power cable, 4 ft 8 ga. black ground cable, 17 ft blue remote turn on, AGU in-line fuse holder, and Terminals and instructions are included.

I've installed home audio systems, but never car stereo. I'm going to attempt the installation myself. Good idea? From what I hear it's pretty simple... and i have directions.

Is there anything else I need to buy?

I think I still have to buy a fuse. What kind of fuse should I buy?

And when I hook up my subs, I believe I need to run wires from the subs to a speaker terminal ports on the box. What kind of wires do I use for that?

Oh ya, important... Should I connect the subs in series or parellel? And what's the difference?

Thanks for the help!

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Those subs should be dvc 4 ohm. Basically you will hook up the voice coils in series and then bridge the amp.

I would say an 80 amp fuse.

12 Gauge wire of any kind will be fine for the subs.

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12 gauge wire? You mean to run from the subs to the speaker terminal port on the box? but doesn't that defeat the purpose of using 4 gauge in the first place? And what is the sound difference between hooking it up in parrellel or series? Sorry, I don't know anything about sound systems.

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And where should I ground my amp? In the instructions it says 'no chasis grounding'

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Here is a site that tells you everything you need to know from basics to advance stuff

walkthrough on how to install most components

on the right side of screen tab area click the areas that you want to read about.
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