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i have an audiobahn has amp thats part of the true digital full range series model # is a2502dp its rated at 250x2 @4 ohm or 1000X1 at 2 ohm mono even states 750x2 @1 ohm stereo, i have 2 svc infinity kappas wired for 2 ohm. glass said that bridging a 2 channel amp would present a 1 ohm load in this case, it doesnt state that it can handle a 1 ohm mono load, i hooked the amp and im not pleased with sound, not as loud as i thought, am i stressing the amp this way, if anyone has any experience with this amp would help, please no comments about audiobahn, sorry so long

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When an amp is bridged, it "sees" half the load because both channels are dividing the power. If it says it's stable to a two ohm bridge you're ok. You're running a 2 ohm bridge, which will definately strain an amp thermally and cause distortion and less headroom. Honestly, that amp is overrated anyway and the thermal stability is questionable, especially at a 2 ohm bridge. You may have a current delivery problem as 1000W will pull well over 100 amps of current at full draw, especially since your amp is an AB amp. The Kappas also, while good subs for SQ, don't really get as loud as some subs do as they have limited excursion capabilities. You may want to try running a 4 ohm load on each channel, but it definately won't get any louder, it will just strain the amp less. 250W to each sub should be pretty good, although not totally pushing the subs. Consider coupling the trunk and cabin if you have a trunk, also consider building ported boxes for the subs for more spl. If your lights dim, you may need a new alternator as that amp will definately pull a lot of current.
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