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When installing a 4-channel amp, do you guys run the speaker wire from the amp to behind the HU, letting the factory speaker wire connect to the speakers, or do you run speaker wire straight from the amp to each cabin speaker??? Will I hear a difference between the two?? Is it worth the trouble????

if your running a modest amp then yes go ahead and use your factory wires. now heres a very quick and easy tip.
#1 cut each factory plug at the rear speakers.
#2 now, connect a new pair of wires from the amp
to each rear speaker.
#3 so, now your back speakers are connected and
here comes the tricky(but easy) part.
#4 back behind your deck you are going to
"loop" your front and rear wires at the
car's wiring harness,
the front left and rear left and then the
front and rear right.(whites w/greens and
grays w/purples) tape or crimp.
#5 now the factory wires run all the way
from the front speakers to the rear,
where you cut them, so now just
connect those wires to the amp.
i made it sound confusing by the way i explained it but hopefully you've got it. if not i'll check this thread manana. later

I understand that, but that seems like a long run of "factory" speaker wire to the front speakers. Will that degrade the sound???

i've done this many times and they still sound very good, however, yes, if i or you were building a car to compete with then yes there could be a sacrifice in sq if...your running over 40rms or so to each speaker,(your factory wires can transfer this wattage with little resistance thus not causing a degrade in sound, now if your gonna be running some killer mids n highs then ya just run all new 14 gauge multi strand to each, otherwise save yourself the time)later

Thanks Bro.......I ran all new 16 ga.. Is that sufficient ya think???

16AWG is more than enough really.
anything larger than 16AWG for any car audio speaker is overkill. speaker wire doesn't have the heat issues that power line does.
you should be fine with that 16AWG. I just came in from running a bunch of 18AWG myself for some front components.

Thanks alot Wolf. As far as RCA cables, what do you recommend? Are the high price cables worth it, or is there any audible difference b/t cables at all?

you want shielded, twisted pair RCA interconnects.
if you want affordable ones that work very well, look at knuconceptz dot com
they have good cables, for good prices. house branded. they have power distro cable as well for cheap.

Thanks bro.........I just picked me up a pair of Rockford Fosgate Riot Gamma Geometry twisted RCA's. I can defintely tell a difference. I replace an old "no-name" brand. The music sounds like it has more depth to it. I am very impressed.
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