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Benny Herrero
I need some help because I got a boat with 4 kicker marine 6 1/2", Im going to add a Amp Bazooka to the boat. I will like to eliminate bass on the 6 1/2" but since im mot using any amplifier i cant used an elect. crossover what kind of bass blocker do i need to used?
If i eliminate the bass on the radio completely it wiil still distort when songs with a lot of bass are play.
The radio is a Clarion 55x4.

thanks Benny

jay amaro
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is there any reason you need to eliminate bass on the 6.5" speakers? from what i gather your boat has 4- full range 6.5" speakers and if thats the case and they are full 2 or 3 way component speakers then you'd be alot better off running all 4 of them.
if 2 of those 6.5's are dual cones id replace them rather than use bass blockers.
for a marine application and some cars (convertibles, t-tops and sunroof) you might actually want more high's to overcome wind noise and running full range would not effect the bass output of a full range set of speakers.
if you feel you absolutely need to use bass blockers you can go to radio shack and or any electronic hobby shop that sells repair parts and buy a couple of capacitors either 50V or 100V (volt) and 22 uf rating and they should do the job just fine of blocking bass and basically you'd be making your own bass blocker identical to any passive inline one and typically each capacitor should cost around .30 cents or so a piece give or take a few cents. i would get radial capacitors since they usually have long leads or "pins" and are perfect for use inline. when you buy any component speaker thats all thats used are capacitors to filter out various frequencies for the mid or high and if you look at any true 2 or 3 way speaker youll see the capacitors wired inline on everything except the woofer cone.

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if you're adding a sub, the bazooka is crossoed over at 80Hz.
use high-pass filters on the 6.5" speakers at 100Hz, 12dB/octave.
that'll prevent them from bottoming out, and let the sub handle the bass.
the gap between 80-100Hz is covered by the rolloff slopes.

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does anyone know where I could find a guide that would tell me what uF/microfarad and voltage yeilds what crossover point. Here's the thing, I have a 68uF 50V capasitor inline on a speaker. I what to allow it to get more bass but I'm not sure what it's allowing through now. Basically I want to just allow 100Hz or so up into the midrandge speakers and 6000 up into the tweater. I'm robbing peter to pay paul, pulling this cap. out of one setup that has smaller speakers to put on slightly larger speakers and I've added and seperate tweater. Oh yea, this is for home theater so it'll be 8ohms and either 6db or 12db slope will be fine. I'm wanting my sub get less of the upper bass and wanting my center channel to handle more or the low vocals w/o as much distortion. I found this forum through Google. I wouldn't mind adding a subsonic filter to the sub to cut out everything below 20Hz, I may be asking for to much. I know radio shack has tons of caps. for cheap cheap. Just need a little direction.

please and thanks

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use the 2, 4, and 8 Ohm chart links on that page.

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