New amp wont turn on?! help please


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OK got a brand new amp i just installed. And it wont turn on. All the fuses are fine none are broke. its properly grounded. and the remote wire is contected blue white wire. So i got out the multimeter. the remote wire is getting 12volts so its not that. BUt tHE POWER WIRE IS ONlY gEttINg 6 volts so i belive its that. what do i need to change?. its connected to the better by the side nut of the cables.

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test the fuse that's in-line with the power wire.
check your connections like the ring terminal at the battery
check the connection at the battery itself. it needs to be very tight to work properly
have your battery voltage tested under load at an auto parts store.
make sure the amp's gain isn't turned all the way up

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Disconnect the remote wire and connect the remote terminal of the amp to +12V this should turn on the amp if your ground and +12V terminals are correctly connected.
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