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I have just a small Dual 300 watt amp hooked up to a 400watt kicker sub and it won't work. The amp has power to it cause the red light is on. And it'll turn green ocassionally for a couple seconds and then go back to red. And occassionally it like bumps but that's it. Why won't it fully work? The amp worked on my old 300 watt HD sub(until it blew it out). Thank you to whoever can help me

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The minimum output impedance of the sub must match the impedance of the sub. So if the amp only supports a 4 ohm load the sub should also be wired as a 4 ohm load.

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1. make sure, as noted above, that your amp is rated to handle the impedance of your sub as it's wired. example: If you have a 2 channel amp rated to handle 2 ohms minimum load in stereo, that means if you bridge the amp to one channel, it's only 4 ohm stable. If you have a single 2 ohm coil sub, or a dual 4 ohm coil sub wired in parallel, the amp will go into thermal protection mode as soon as it's turned on because it can't handle that much current.

2. make sure your gain on the amp isn;t cranked all the way up. If it is, that's probably what blew your last sub, and what's causing this sub to send the amp into thermal protection. Try turning the gain all the way down (counter-clockwise) then turn it up one-quarter turn, and no further. See if that works and allows the amp to function. If you find that works, but it's not loud enough, then you need a bigger amp. The gain is not a volume knob.

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