I dnno what happened!!!


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hi all, I'm new to this thread but i REALLLLLY have a problem.
i bought a pair of cadence s2w12d4's(600rms each) in a standard enclosure wired at 1 ohm connection to my monoblock which is a reference audio tivo 1800rms at 1ohm. i have a cadence split system connected to a 2000 watt ice power 4 channel amp, an LG deck, dnno the specs, but has usb, aux and changes colours from green to red. which is all hooked up to a 4 band cadence parametric. i had 4 gauge wire at first but my deck kept saying "reading usb" after the volume has been increased. i thought i needed 0 gauge power wire, which i got, but it still does this. if i hit a bump in the road, the deck does the same thing. plzzzzzzz someone help. i dont have a fuse on my power wire but i do have a 200A fuse in my possession. what can i do? is it my deck thats the problem?? i wont be able to check replies, plz email me at

thanks guys

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a few things:

I've never seen a deck made by LG, so I can't speak to it's quality, but it may be an issue with a loose wire connection, or a weak mounting job so the unit is jiggling, and causing the deck to malfunction.

the power wire size is a bit meaningless if you have a stock electrical system, since 4ga wire can handle 225A of current, and most stock alternators can't produce more than 65-120A. If you want a high powered system, you'll need a high output alternator to power it, since the alternator is the sole source of current in the car when the engine is running.

check your gounds to make sure they are to solid, bare metal points, and not loose.

make sure your gains aren't turned up all the way on the amps.

If the deck keeps losing it's handshake with the USB device or cable, it may just be that the USB port doesn't have a good, solid connection to whatever you have plugged into it. There isn't much help for that aside from bending the metal shields on the USB port that grip the male connector of the drive you plug into it.
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