Is this a 6th, 7th, or 8th order?


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I drew up a box that consists of 32 isobaric subwoofers in a clamshell wall. It's pretty radical and I'm not sure what it even is. I was trying to focus all of the energy into the port closest to the cabin. If inbetween the subs there was MDF, effectively blocking the cones from each other than one amp could be used without the need to phase because as I understand it - say a low note is played and the motors first cycle of movement is to move towards the magnet, it would make both air movements from the ports work in tandem, where the air from the first port would couple with the air movement of the second port and it'd all shoot out the larger port into the cabin. If they were phased and the subs were moving in tandem than there would be turbulance between each port, so basically if the subs move in tandem than the air does not. This way all air movement is moving one way or the other. People don't think it be like it is, but it do.

It'd be quite badass with 32 10's and the box wouldn't be all that big.

As I research box types, this is either a 6th or a 7th/8th. "Ported into ported", what is that?

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I'd actually say 6th order, looking at it. take all the goofy angles out and just draw it as a rectangular box, with port tubes, and it'll make more sense if you can't picture it in your head. It's also using (wasting) half the drivers in isobaric, which really adds nothing to the output of the enclosure. 8th order typically entails two separate ported enclosures firing into a third shared chamber which is also ported. Your image appears to show one side of the enclosure firing into the second, but the second appears to just port to atmosphere.

here's some help on the topic:

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Isobaric 6th order series tuned it seems...
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