Where the OGs @ yanks, juilz all them guys


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Im been busy doing army stuff, I bought a 03 infiniti g35 coupe in decemeber so my subaru is gone. I gotta change the front speakers so I can get some more midbass out of them though.

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What's good man? Glad to see you're still doing well. How's the Army treating ya? Love the Infiniti bud.

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Army treating me good Im in Ft gordon ga, and Im going to Hawaii as my first duty station, I cant wait to get my car over there and enjoy it in the awesome weather.

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sup , havent seen u on here for quite some time , i'm still around ...

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Some old dogs never leave the porch.

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G35 is a nice ride, I've been running mmats for over 3 some years. IMO they sound great.

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G35 is nice.

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Whats up man,long time! Ive always liked them G35s,they are pretty sweet IMO! I dont know if you're looking for strictly mid-bass or just some good mids but for a good midrange speaker,that should also add some pretty decent mid-bass,I would definitly look in to the new Crescendo PA mids. I have a set of the Crescendo CCX 6.5" components and I love them,they are the best set of comps I have owned. I like the Crescendos a lot better than my DLS comps and the DLS were pretty nice so thats saying something. But the new Crescendo PA mids are getting great reviews and the price just can not be beat! Its only $25 per mid for the 6.5",$35/per for 8" and $45/per for the 10". I plan on getting a set of the 6.5" for my rear deck in my car to add a little more midrange/midbass along with the 6.5" Crescendo CCX comps up front running them off a 4ch in the 125-150wrms per ch. range. Should be plenty loud and have some nice midbass when its all said and done. Anyways heres a link for pics,reviews,and how to order

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Damn dude its been awhile. Well it always feels like I talk to you since your aim is hacked and always sending me ho mose
xual messages lmfao. Whats good man. What ever happened to the wagon? I see you went from us to imports.

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Yeah im still us to the core i just love this car always have sibce they came out. I wanted a g37 realy bad but this ones perfect. Already had mods i wanted to do to it. And yes i need to delete my aim account. Ill check those mids out. Any idea whay size mids the car runs?

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Wtf travis, what happened to the caprice wagon? and ya what Berny said every time i log on u aim me wanting me to see u on cam lol

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Yeah my aim is hacked, I need to delete it, idk what happened, Im actually hoping to sell the caprice for next to nothing. Sucks but I cant take it with me and It will just be sitting around for 3 years.

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if you want better midbass, add more power to the speakers as well. you won't get midbass with a factory head unit.
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