MTX Audio T9512-44 vs JLw712


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MTX 9500 series VS JLw712s
this discussion will not be in any other catagory only 2x12's not 15 nor 13's which subwoofer do you believe out performs the other

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1 15 = 153 DBs ...Trinidad & T...

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are u a spammer ?

been a while since E had 1 ....

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if you want something good, then look into sundown amps and for sub look at fi or ssa subs... just my opinion but they are alot of good stuff out some research..

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search button
use it

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I'd go with mtx 9500, but honestly there both very good, and not that much different.

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cadilalc, stop worrying about this sub vs that sub nonsense.
"outperforms" is a relative question.
are you an SPL event competitor? are you just trying to impress or annoy everybody in a residential neighborhood, or is this a system for personal enjoyment when driving the car?

The sub you choose is only a part of the total equation. Pick a sub with a good BL curve, decent sensitivity, and power handling that fits your budget and electrical system in regards to the amp you'll drive the speaker with. Also make sure the speaker is suited to the type of box you plan to use. sealed or ported, or something more exotic, and just buy the damned thing.
Worry more about the build quality and design of the enclosure you're going to use, the sound deadening work done in your car, and your component speaker choices, locations, and installation.

while a sub is loud, it's only covering a 2 octave range. over 90% of the music you'll listen to is above that bottom towo octave range, meaning your choice of front speakers, is FAR more important, as is their installation, and power fed to them.

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mtx audio.... is this some kind of sik joke thread!?

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Ryan you are now part of it.
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