Anyone wanna' try to figure this out ????


Bubba Luv
Okay.... first of all I know basically nothing about the specifics of car audio (or at least the electronic physics and such)- I know enough to be very dangerous to my poor car though.

I was tired of my stock GM stereo, so I bought some new equipment to install. All I really want is some decent "loud" volume.... I do not have or plan on running a sub, or at least not until I really see the merit of getting one.

So here is the question.... Do I need am amp to drive the following speakers, or will the head unit do allright. Please be nice, because I warned ya' that I know nothing and I just want to get a better sound & volume than I have.

Here is my list of basic hardware:

** Blaupunkt San Jose CD/MP3 Receiver
RMS= 25 watts x4
Peak= 50 watts x4
3 sets 4.0 v pre amp outputs

** Front speakers x4=
Rockford Fosgate Punch FRC4306 7.0"
RMS= 50w (recommended)
Peak= 100w
4.0 ohms

** Rear speakers x4=
Rockford Fosgate HPC Series 5-1/4"
RMS= 2-60 (recommended)
Peak= 120 w
4.0 ohms

** 1 set (2) 6x9 box speakers I can't decide how to wire yet????
MTX Audio 6933
RMS= 50 w (recommended)
Peak= 200 w
4.0 ohms

Allright there is the stuff I have. I assume that an amp will be needed. Especially since I will be running a total of 10 speakers..... right???

So let me know all that you can about how to configure and wire up all this crap either with or without the amp.


Bubba Luv
Okay.... I did away with one pair of the RF HPC Series 5-1/4" speakers.

Installed an MTX 4202 to power the MTX box speakers and 1 set of the RF Punch FRC4306 7.0"

I plan on letting the Head unit do the rest.... or.... in your opinions..... should I get another amp.

Is there a better way to get the best out of this setup ??

Let me Know if you need any more information.


You can hook everything up to your cd player you just have to hook some speaker in parallel and some in to series (polarity) try not to go lower than 4 ohms cause you will blow your stereo trust me this will work me and ma boy jeff hokked up 24 50 watt RMS 6 1/2's in a mazda 626 using only the aftermarket cd player
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