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Hey guys.
I just purchased a 2011 Ford Fiesta hatchback and i'm trying to figure out what the best sub/s for my $ will be.

My old system was 2 aluminum 12's (eclipse) ran off a DEI1100D in a Dodge Neon. I don't want to spend the money that I spent on that setup some 10 years ago.
I have been visiting several stereo shops every day. I've had many brands pushed at me and to be frank I'm relearning all of this stuff. Technology has came along at such a fast pace it was shocking. Luckily, it appears the prices have came down as well.
I should definetly have a ported box in a hatchback yes? Based on what I had before will I need 2 12's to get the low bass I love. SQ is just as important to me though.
Several of the shops thought my stock speakers (6 speakers) were just fine for the hi's. Yes they could be improved in SQ but have plenty of volume.
Hopefully I have been clear. Any help would be appreciated.
The best out of what I have heard so far was clearly a company called Hertz. Fantastic high end stuff just out of my price range.
Noone was pushing dub 7's which was shocking but I am glad. PRICEY! Thanks in advance.

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Weclome Mark.

A couple questions for you though. how much space are you willing to give up? How much is your TOTAL budget, this is including everything you are going to need, be it just a sub/amp/box... or wiring, head unit, electrical upgrades, etc. I don't mean to question your knowledge on the subject but a lot of people don't realize how important a quality box is for a good sounding build, and if you don't build the box yourself it can get pretty expensive.

A few companies you may want to look in to would be:
Fi car audio
Image Dynamics
TC Sounds
Ascendant Audio
Sound Splinter
Sound Solutions Audio (SSA)

If you gotta have the lows then yes ported tuned low (~28-32) would be ideal.

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I can give the whole trunk up if need be that's fine.
Sticking with the stock hi's right now. If need be ill get a nice converter to run the stock deck and switch the hi's out later.
I'm hoping for $1000 or less. Amp, sub, box, wiring, & install.
Any chance I get similar or like quality as those eclipse subs I have for that nowadays?

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I cant comment on the Eclipse subs because i have never heard them, but I can say each of those companies listed is either SQ oriented or has an SQ series in their lineup.

For example a single 15" Fi Q _Speakers/0030_Q/product_overview.shopscript on 1000wRMS would be a good option for your budget. If you prefer the (2) 12's route then a pretty good deal right now would be a pair of Image Dynamics IDQ12v3's on 1000wRMS. If you click the make an offer button on sonic electronix website for the IDQ's you can get them down to around $180 each. For a tad more you can get TC Sounds Epics

A nice budget amp that will do 1000wRMS @ 1-ohm would be the Audioque AQ1200D

~$360 - sub(s)
~$270 - amp
~$250 - pro box build (rough estimate, check out he is a member of the forums that does custom boxes for a good price)
~$100 - wiring (I recomend Knu Konceptz )

totals out to ~$980

That is what I would do anyway.

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OK. Appreciate the input. I keep seeing these Alpine Type R's pop up on this site. I had one shop push them on me. I know he can install 2 12's and all for around $1000. Is that something I should consider or do you still like your set much better?

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The advice above is about as good as you can get, but if you are using your stock system, really there is not much SQ to talk about, so maybe the type Rs will do for you, since those subs are popular, there are some good quality ready made enclosures specifically designed for them for much less than $250.

I would follow Alonzoub's advice if I later planned to do some upgrading to the speakers, HU, etc.

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It has the premium sound. I get that "premium sound" in stock isn't wonderful but I'm telling you these stock hi's (6 speakers total) sound better than a lot of aftermarket hi's I have heard.
I wasn't saying I was doing the type r's just seeing if there is a huge difference. Still feels weird using Alpine for subs. Crazy how things change.

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If you are looking to save the type Rs will suffice even for an average "premium sound" stock system. The type Rs are nice but will fall short in a true SQ system.

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if you are in the Atlanta area i would be more then glad to let you hear my 15" FI Q so you can get a feel for it.

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The Type R idea isn't a bad one, I was going to suggest them had you listed a lower budget. Depending on the quality of the amp and quality of the box that come with that package deal, it may be worth it.

If it all possible find out what amp they plan on using, and make sure they aren't using some random prefab box for dual 12's, some shops do that. At that price I hope they are including a custom box.
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