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So I keep going back and forth....I can get a pair of rockford p3s in a ported box off of craigslist for $180....I have that rockford 1500bd to push I then start getting wide eyed and start thinking about getting a 15" bl with a lot of the options, and start seeing the price tag go up and up and up because shipped this will cost 425, then imma need a box around 3-4 cubes tuned which will run around 100 minimum. so then i'm just like eff it man because my head starts spinning and 550 starts to sound way too much for some subwoofers. i know there is really no comparing the bl to the p3s, but how low do the p3s go and could you guys gimme some suggestions for something around 3-400 including a box...i buy craigslist alot, so anyways i want the real low lows but i want to shake the house too....thanks guys

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Shake the house, you're using car subs & amp for HT?

For HT, google "Mach 5 IXL 18 meets the easy button". Should clear that right up. Cheap sub, cheap & efficient box, ~11.5-20 Hz tuning, 2 sheets of wood, and the box was carefully planned so that nothing is wasted.

For mobile, if you can fit the box - 6 to 8 cubes ported - get 2 cheaper 15's.

Consider 2 SSA DCON 15's (maybe they'll go on sale - right now they're $139 each) and use the amp at 2 ohms if it isn't already (so 750W between the pair/375W each).


AudioQue has the 600W SDC2.5-15's for $169ish (shipped?). Two would handle your 1500 with ease, and they have really high sensitivity @ 90 dB 1/w/1/m, people say you don't need to tune them low to get serious lows. Add $100 for a box and you're at $438, with way more cone area/SQ/SPL than a single BL could deliver.

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yea the amp pushes 1500 @2ohms....dont know if its 1ohm stable or not...I will for sure check out the audioque's, but you think 2 cheaper 15's vs. 1 higher end 15 is the way to go? just asking.......and it is car audio

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The Rockford Fosgate Power T1500-1bd can only reach 1500W@1 ohm it will only do 1000W@2 ohm

As far as loud goes sub sensitivity is key, a single 90dB sub will be as loud as two 87dB subs.

The Audioque SDC2.5-15 have sensitivity of only: 85.69 dB!

To reach 1500W RMS you need subs that are or can be wired to 2 ohms, then parallel them for a 1 ohm total load.

If you want to get better SQ then better quality subs is what you are looking for.

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ok a few things. I'm kind of looking for SQL I guess, something that sounds good, and slams at the same time. the RF amp I have is the tortoise shell and it does do 1500 rms @2ohms....So what you're saying is one sub that can do 90db will be louder than two subs that can do 87db each? that doesn't sound right to me bro...It really is hard deciding on subwoofers man...this sh!t is kind of killing me

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Ok, yes the older 1500bd is only 2 ohm stable so you are looking for 4 ohm subs or DVC 2 ohm subs.

To make sense of SPL try this SPL calculator, you enter watts, sensitivity of the sub, number of subs etc and it gives the SPL (use the corner reinforcement setting to approach in cabin SPL):

If you want rather cheap, some SQ and decent SPL Id go for Alpine Type Rs.12"

Take a look: 86473919

And for enclosure 1,5cuft@33Hz:

If you factor in cables and other stuff you will end up around $400.

Wish you had more money, for example the SQ/SPL JL 12W3v3 will go lower and 2 db more of sensitivity.
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