Hooking up my kicker l7 15


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i have a kicker l7 15 2 ohm and a kicker zx2500.1 im really not sure what kind of box to build sealed or porter sealed seemed easier but idk which one would be best im also stuck on wire want to use 1/0 gauge wire but i dont know what brand thinking about

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The Kicker L7's are built for SPL, so putting them in a Sealed enclosure would be pointless. You are going to want to build a Ported Enclosure. Specs are going to depend on how much space your willing to use in your vehicle.

As far as 0/1 Gauge wire goes, I never use anything else other than Kicker.

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i have a extended cab truck im gonna use the whole back for my box. i dont know to much about this stuff so if some one has some info on their ported box it would be really helpful im gonna make the box as big as the biggest ported box that kicker recomends for it just the whole ported thing im kind of sketchy on.

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Its all there just pick one of the high efficiency ones, the largest is 6 cubic feet!! l7%20manual%20pdf&ei=VH5ITr-kBaW0sQL5m5CfBg&usg=AFQjCNHjzzclLfXiSmKnwlRrZ_zhtFbV Lw&cad=rja

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sweet thanks!!!!!

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This sub is only rated for 750wrms in a ported box,
Your amp will do 2500wrms @2ohms or 1250wrms @4ohms
So as your amp wont do 1ohm stable i take it you'll be wiring it @4ohm
If you are going to use the hole back do you mean rear of cabin or pickup bed?

If i were you and you only plane on 1 of theis sub idd downgrade amp to a zx1500.1 if going ported or zx2000.1 if sealed

Bang for buck = ported

both of they above amp will allow for a second sub to added latter if you want

if this sub is a new 11 mdl specs are (including sub displacement)
Sealed Compact
2cuft or 57ltrs =1000wrms max
Sealed SQ
6cuft or 170ltrs =1000wrms
Vented Compact
3cuft or 85ltrs =750wrms
port 2.5"x16.25" x19.5"long
Vented SQ
6cuft or 170ltrs =750wrms
port 3.5"x16.25" x13.75"long
Bandpass (specs given Jerimy Brown Technical Services)
3.1 cubic feet gross internal on the sealed side (subwoofer displacement included)
4.3 cubic feet gross internal on the ported side (port displacement included)
50 square inch port opening
7.5" of total port length
This bandpass box plays extremely low. The sub can handle 1000 watts RMS in this enclosure.

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My personal opinion would be to get 2, 3 or 4 (depending on budget) of thies sub
if putting in rear/ extra cab section 2 in individual 3-6cuft ported(biggest possible) boxes running off zx1500.1 (series on sub 4ohm then parrell to amp 2ohm=750wrms ea)
if in pickup bed 3 or 4 in 3-6cuft individual ported boxes running either zx2500.1 or 2x zx1500.1
(if 3 then zx2500.1 parrell on subs 1ohm then series on amp 3ohm=625wrms ea)
(if 4 the 2x zx1500.1 series on sub 4ohm then parrell to amp 2ohm=750wrms ea)
Just my 2cents

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so your saying that i cant wire my amp and sub at 1 ohm and just have my amp turned down kinda new to this gonna put it in my truck cabin im eventually gonna get two.and its 2011 model sub.

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That amp is only able to run 2 ohm stable
Youll need to wire it a 4 ohm so ill have 1250wrms then when yoy get another 1 wire it at 4 ohm and wire both in parrell to give 2ohm at amp
Giving both subs 1250wrms each

If you wire up at 1 ohm and connect youll be pushing around 5000wrms into that sub and the amp and sub wont last 5 minutes

The people who sold you the set up was smart to sell you zx2500.1 as they knew youll be back buying subs all the time when you fry them

If your dead set on that amp idd be using a sealed box but in my opinoin youll be disipointed with that sub in a sealed box as people with half the power will be loader then you in a ported

If i were you idd run 3 in a ported box off that amp as youll find the test sheet supplied with that amp will show around 2900wrms anyway

If you only want to run 2 sell/return amp and get the zx1500.1 put them in a 12cuft ported box (6cuft ea) and youll be around flat 150db mark

If you dont mind replacing them ever year or less use the zx2500.1 yes they be loader in ported but youll fry them

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ight man thanks that helped me out a lot.
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