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Hey guys, i've been thinking about doing a DIY 3-way active setup in my car. Let's get to the point; I'm aiming for the most possible sound quality setup i can get with my budget. Want an airy, very detailed upper end, punchy midbass and very low bass. As of right now i'm looking to get help on the tweets, midrange, and midbass. I don't know how to post links so i only have driver models. Bare with me.. ScanSpeak Illuminator D2004/6020 - $118 . Read very good reviews on this tweet. Peerless 810921 HDS... also the same, but not too sure where to find one? And i'm not sure of Morel tweets in the $100 range.. Any suggestions? The mid, looking at the Peerless 830987 3" - $26 and the Dayton RS75-4 - $21 ... These are full range i believe so if anyone can suggest something better then go right ahead. For the midbass i'm thinking the Peerless 830883 &" woofer - $61 ... I want a very sparkly upper end but in no way harsh or bright as far as the tweeter goes.. I'll be putting the tweets on axis in the pillars and midrange and midbass in the kicks. Amps not sure of yet, subs also not sure, most likely tc sounds or ssa audio. My budget for the 3-way speakers are about $500 .. I listen to all types of music, mainly r&b and hip-hop though. Point me in the right direction please.

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check madisound for your drivers. good choices on the scanspeaks.
if you want smooth and laid back then go with a shallow slope for the Q on the tweets and mids (6dB) and use speakers that have a smooth roll off naturally so you won't have issues blending them together, and leave about a 1 octave gap between each speaker's range where it rolls off to meet the next. This is how my 3-way dynaudios are done.
Also, you may want to read this article for pointers on setup:

these may help, too:
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