98 extended cab s10 wall


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i just bbought an s10 and have plans of building a wall in it. With 4 JBL P1224,s on two kenwood 1800's. Amps could change. But i was wondering for Four 12's would it be loudest ? wall ,port center toward dash. or could i go just a long box horizontal port forward? spl and sq kept in mind, more towards spl though

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Did u buy it in kentucky? And is it blue and missing an exhaust?

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If it is, I'm gonna lol.

As far as a wall goes, I would personally use two 15's or two 18's if they would fit. Also, the Kenwood amplifiers will have to go. I'd suggest selling them and purchasing something that's actually a reasonable amplifier.

Keep in mind your going to have to upgrade your electrical system in order to run all of this.

What's your budget at Justin?

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No guys he didnt buy my POS truck lol!!

But hey Justin you will be needing a HO alt for a build like that,I jus so happen to have a 230amp for sale that fits S10s!! I also have a roll pan for sale too!! Ill cut you a great deal if you buy either or both!

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The most space & cone area you could properly fit is 4 15's in 3-4 cubes NET each. Lots of those builds out there, search google. 4 18's or 6 15's sealed would be cool too.

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im goin to try and jam another alternator as i have an extra, my kenwood is not 1 ohm stable so yes it has to go. im using 4 jbl 4 ohm dvcs so amps will be tricky to get as im on a budget. Big 3 upgrade and 1 or 2 more batteries. HO alt would be nice but im on a budget as i said. -no its not from kentcky lol michigan and black. -

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id honestly get rid of the wall. unless its a blowthrough
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