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i'm wiring 2 10" subs into a sub enclosure, I have 3 questions

I'm using 16 gauge speaker wire to wire both subs (150 watts RMS a piece) and my amp is 300 watts RMS, is this sufficient for my low power starter setup?

The speaker wire's insulation is blue and 1 wire is pure blue, and 1 is blue with a white stripe.. is the white stripe the positive?


stupid connectors on the inside of the sub enclosure appear to be blade connectors, on the outside of the box they are the quick release type, and on the 10" subs themselves, sort of a blade connector, but alot wider and looks like a "U" with both arms of the "U" having tiny holes in them at the top, what kind of terminal is this? I don't have a sauder gun, so do I just bend the speaker wire around it, or buy some sort of wider blade-type clamp and crimp it on to the end of the speaker wire, insert it into the "U" and then bend it in half?

... Wish I could find my camera so I could take a picture.

.ps yeah - i'm a noob, but I at least googled speaker connecters to see if I could find something that appeared to fit over the sub terminal.

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Username: Magnus28

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closest thing I could find that resembles what would connect the physical woofer itself to the speaker wire ...

i'm guessing this would slip on over and you would bend the two together..

then I would connect the other end of the wire to the inside of the enclosure box with some type of blade connector, and then bend that together..... lol.

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Questions #1: 16 Gauge wire should be fine.

Question #2: You can use either side for positive or negative. The stripe is there to help you remember which wire you hooked up to positive/negative.

Question #3: The connections on the Subwoofer and the Enclosure are called "Male" Connectors. In order to use these, you need to purchase the "Female" Connectors. You can find them at any Auto Store, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, ect.. ect..
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