First time doing an aeroport. someone please help me


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Every box ive ever built has been either sealed or slot ported. But I have 2 installs Im working on right now that are reaaaaaaaaally pressed for space. To slot port it would be insane. From what ive heard, aero ports take up less space, and i know theyre hella easy to put in. any suggestions on this? I need a port solution that takes up the least space possible

Also, does anyone know the deal with Steve Meades setup? hes got those 4 18's crammed in the back of that tahoe and that port is tiny.

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Aeroports will normally take up less space for 2 reasons.

1. They are thin unlike an MDF port wall. This really doesn't account for much but it does help.

2. They can handle HIGHER air velocity inside the body of the port because of the flares at both ends of the port, the flare diffuses the air speed at the exits which cuts chuffing. Since they can handle higher air speeds, you will require less port area and in-turn less port length as well to maintain your target tuning frequency.

Example: (Im kinda just making up numbers but this is relatively accurate)
So basically in a case where you WOULD use maybe a 14" x 2.5" slot port that is 18" long... that port has 35 sq. in port area. Assuming the inner port wall is 3/4 in MDF... that port is consuming .48 cubic feet of volume.
You could most likely replace said slot port with a 6" aeroport that is maybe 15" long... a 6" aero port has about 28.25 sq. in. of port area and at a length of 15" it would consume about .26 cubic feet.

Not sure if thats what you meant when you said you need help, but yeah thats the advantage of aeroports.

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2 Fi Q 12s, Mmats 3000.1

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yeah well now i think i might go with aeroports for sure.

the first box is for a Fi Q 18. it calls for 6-10 cubes ported. what kind of sound difference would i see with a 6 vs 10 cube box? its going in a ford explorer sport so i only have like 10 cubes to work with. doing a slot port tuned to 28hz would take up like 3+ cubes by itself

the second one is a Fi Q 12. its replacing the center console in my chevy pickup. and i want it to take up as little space as possible. and again, a slot port tuned to 30 hz would be so big

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The Fi Q18 would likely be fine w/ two 6" ports.

The Fi Q12 (depending on power the sub will see) should be ok w/ one 4" port. Just keep the port off axis w/ the listening position.

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2 Fi Q 12s, Mmats 3000.1

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For the 18, itll be on a sundown saz-1500. so itll be pounding hard. the sub will be facing up, ports facing back would it hurt to add a third 6" port to reduce any possible air noise? im sure theres gotta be some air noise playing down into the low 20's range with only 2 6" ports. and also, how can i figure out how long i want the ports?

and for the 12, itll be running on my mmats 3000.1 at 2 ohms. so 1500 watts as well. i dont want any air noise with this either. and when you say keep the port off axis with the listening position, do you mean like dont put the port and the sub on the same face of the box or what?
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