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I was hanging out with some buds, drinking, havin a good time and what not. And we stepped outside to smoke and he started talking about his subs. He has two 12in Cliffs. Cliff audio I believe is what he said...But this guy kept going on and on about how it was the loudest system around, I was kind of laughing on the inside, mainly because I doubt him very much, I wasn't able to hear the system because it was 3am. But I didn't wanna start arguing about it, I could tell he didn's know much about specific, asked him if the box was ported, I asked what it was tuned to, and he looked at me like I was retarded. Anyway, just wondering..Cliff audio? wtf

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I beleive it is actually Clif Designs. From what I remember I think they were an OK company. I remember hearing about them a lot awhile back but not so much anymore. Someone correct me if Im wrong about anything.

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Yup it is Clif Designs.

Some of their stuff doesnt look half bad actually.

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These are older ones I know that for sure.

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IIRC, Cliff is a subsidiary (or used to be) of Audiobahn.

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You should've put your cigarette out in his eye and beat the hell out of him just for being a loudmouth about something he didn't know sh!t about.

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Clif Designs made great stuff when they first started out, but then they subcontracted everything out to other manufacturers and settled into the low/low-mid end segment.

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Yea Brad I thought I remembered hearing that Clif made pretty nice stuff. But that was a long time ago. Then I forgot about them completely until now. I have to admit though,their LX amps models CD2800.1LX and CD4800.1LX look very impressive,well on paper anyways. They both have dual 0ga inputs,.5ohm stable,unregulated power supply, can be ran at 17.5 volts, and can be strapped.

The CD2800.1LX specs are

850 @ 4ohm
1675 @ 2ohms
3200 @ 1ohm
stapped @ 4ohms 3200
strapped @ 2ohms 6400+

doesnt list .5 ohm power ratings,I guess for warrenty purposes.

And the CD4800.1LX

1500 @ 4ohms
3575 @ 2ohms
5200 @ 1ohm
strapped 5200 @ 4ohms
strapped 12,000wrms+ @ 2ohms!!

They seem like beast amps on paper! I wonder how they actually preform though? And I wonder what kind of power they can do at .5ohms.

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I've never hear anything good about there subs. I have hear about the Clif Designs cd4800.1lx. I would run that amp if i could get it for like 300 bucks. I wouldn't spend 500-600.
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