Have any questions??


ask me any thing...ill try to tell you what i know

you could also tell me any thing you do know, or just brag about what you have... tell every one what you have on this conversation..

if any thing...just e-mail me

Ha Ha ok I have 4 JL 12w7's in my 98 surburban each powered by a JL 1000/1 amp and I had a special HDF box made for all of them.Its sooo loud it blew the windows out of my truck

well thats pretty tight (if its true) what
was the price of each sub and each amp....
and what was the price all together?
and your surburban hasnt fallin apat yet?
ok than
just tell me

I have 1 12" kicker l7 and 2 10" l7's and i wanted to know what amp i should get

also should i get 1,2,or 3 amps???

zac davis
screw kicker
hey joe bob, i'll shoot first (then your turn)
ok, let say we want to know how many cubic feet are in this box any what the ohm load is.
the box's outside dimension are as follows:
(made of 3/4 mdf w/out any partitions)
38" wide
20" deep
14" tall
3 4ohm subs wired in parallel mono
and oh ya lets say the subs have a dispacement
of .125 each
so what's the volume and ohmload?

I got a good deal on the W7's I got each one for 500 bucks a piece and my amps I got from a local audio store for 600 bucks a piece so in all the subs and the amps plus the custom made box cost me about 5 grand and yes it is true.

zac davis
u say it blew out your windows?
or did you mean just the back hatch window, cause that is easier for me to beleive.

No it really did blow out all of them I swear to god to you except for the rear left one zac do u have a s/n

zac davis
i don't know what a s/n is?
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