Sub vs Sub vs I dont know what I should do


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so the tint guy ruined my amp and sub in my 2008 S5. Audi replaced the amp but said sub was fine. Ive always put aftermarket systems in my car but this one has the Bang & Olufsen 505 watt system which is fully integrated with Navi and I don't want to lose the function of MMI system. I was thinking of taking the stock sub out and using as port hole for 3 10w6v2's not sure what amps thinking Rockford Fosgate cause thats what install guys sell..... that and kicker.... I don't know if the stock speakers can take more watts and don't want bass to drown out the highs. what are my options?

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well it sounds like you would like to keep your stock head unit and speakers, which is fine as it sounds like you have a pretty good premium sound system.
for bass, it also seems like you are wanting to have clean bass to blend in well with your speakers, but not be loud and drown them out.
if thats the case why do you want 3 woofers?
this can be easily accomplished with just 1. kicker and rockford fosgate make great amps for mainstream stuff. now of course you are on an audio forum and we know this stuff a little better than the average person, so i will let you know there is better stuff out there.
simply put tho to have great sound, i would recommend a tc sounds lms-r 12" or even 15" sub and place it in a small sealed box. for a 12" stick with 1.5 cu ft at the most, for the 15" stick with 2.5 cu ft at the most.
now for an amp, you really don't need too much power and i would actually recommend something mainstream, like an alpine mrd-1000 or even an alpine pdx1000 really depends how much you want to spend.
i say that amp, only because if you go with the sub i mentioned, it is a dual 2 ohm sub, but the coils read so high that if you wire them in parralel you will actually end up with around a 1.8 or so load, which won't stress that amp at all, and that amps does 1000 watts at 2 ohms.
cost would be looking at 270-320 depending on sub
50 or so for a box
250-400 for amp depending which one you choose.
and 50 for a wiring kit
plus you will need a loc (line out converter) to keep your stock stereo in.

if this is out of the question in prices, let me know and i can help put together something cheaper, or if im just out of the ballpark with what you actually want with your stereo we can work with that as well.
but honestly its going to be hard to get cleaner sounding bass than that, and expect to have a great amount of low bass that your stock speakers, or even stock sub just can't reach

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question: do you just need to keep the factory head unit stuff, or do you need the factory amps/speakers for integration, too?
If you just hneed the head unit, you can use something like the JL cleansweep or Audiocontrol LC6 to get pre-outs for a custom system run from the factory head.

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Try to locate a set of M&M Godfather 10's they sound good in trunk cars

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never heard of them
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