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wha-whawha-whawhat would you do? (reference, anybody?)

gently used $12k+ 5.1 audiophile grade home theater speaker system for ~$2300


dump that into a car stereo, products tbd.

i'm having difficulty convincing myself to fix my Infinity IL50 internal amps (both popped)......
i could however save this money and use it wisely, but where's the fun in that?

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Well do you do more driving or more sitting on your couch watcing movies?

If it were me I would use the money for car audio but then again Im not that in to HT. So I dunno maybe flip a coin?

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exactly what HT system are we talking about? Tell me exactly what gear you'd get for the $2300 and I can tell you if it's worth considering.

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Infinity Intermezzo series. 4.1t towers, 3.5c center (plus an identical non working spare parts unit), 2.6p's bookshelves(passive), and 1.2s sub.

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Eric -- that's the series that has had major issues with the coating on the neo magnet wearing off and getting lodged in the gap, causing the coil to scrape. And Infinity no longer makes replacement drivers, so they are very hard to find and are expensive, and will have the exact same issue.

It doesn't happen to every set, but it has happened enough for people to unload them at a huge discount, just as this guy is.

Stay away.

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^ i did read that in a HT forum actually. i figured it only occured in a few instances but it is more widespread than i realized. problems with the BASH amps also raise concern. the situation i'm in currently with my IL50's makes replacement parts a big headache too..

but damn they look and perform great lol.

probably going to hold out on this and look for another setup. the front page on E has that Axiom review, they seem to have some pretty legit products

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yeah I wouldn't bother with drivers known to have a widespread defect.

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buy car'll enjoy it better

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either way is good but id probably agree car audio will give more enjoyment....but you will need a good alarm
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