How to wire 2 Alpine Typr-R's to JL 1000/1


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Im getting ready to throw a few type r's in my car and am not sure how to run the wires, should i just plug in and play (as in positive and negative on one sub to one channel and same for the other?) or should i wire them together in (series/parallel) and bridge them to one negative and one positive?

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You need to know if your Type-R's are dual voice coil or single voice coil, what the resistance of those voice coils, and what your amplifier is capable of handling as far as resistance goes before you can properly hook anything up. Also is your amplifier a mono or multi-channel model? It should say on the subwoofer itself what the resistance of the voice coils are, and if you aren't sure about the amplifier, you should be able to look up the model number of the manufacturers website to get the specifications on it. After you get that information, check out this website for your subwoofer wiring:

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If they're dual 4 ohm woofers you'll need to wire them in series to achieve a 4 ohm load to the amp. If they're dual 2 ohm you'll wire in the same manner for a final impedance of 2 ohm to the amp. Set your gain accordingly.

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just hook up the wires any way you feel comfortable that amp will do the same power at any ohm load from 4 to 1 ohm

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with the JL slash series amp, you need to come up with any load that's between 1.5 and 4 ohms at the amp.
with that in mind, use this calculator:

The JL amp has a regulated output so any load between 1.5 and 4 ohms will yield the same power to the subs. 1Kw total.
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