Alpine Type R 12" Which tuned Ported Box?


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Okay...I purchased the new Alpine SWR-1243D subwoofers (Two 12"s) And ive done alot of research. I found out that a Ported box is the best way to go with these subwoofers.
If it will help...Im putting these in a 1992 Lexus ES300's Trunk.
I will be getting a 1,000(+) Amp...Thinking of the MTX 81000D mono...Any ways thats a Different story.
Okay now for the box...ALOT of peaople say to build your own box for these that Pre-Made ported boxes suck...Okay not only am i too lazy to build my own box but i wouldent know how and dont want to try it since i have a great chance of screwing it up.
So i found some people on ebay that will Custom make ported boxes for any are some i found and im thinking of. PLEASE Help me choose the "Best" or "Better" Box to go with.
Link#1: aultDomain_0&hash=item35abb669cb
*Okay, this guy has this box with each sub having their own seperate "chamber" so there for they are not sharring the air space, It is 1.5cu ft each chamber tuned @ 35hz, With each sub having seperate chambers they also have their own Vent/Port.

Link#2: 3857690?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3caad0f11a
*Okay this one is a bit different in many ways. The 2 subwoofers share the chhamber and air space. It is 1.7cu ft per chamber. The port tubes included are adjustable in length which will allow you to tune the box to your own personal preferance. AND the port tubes and subs are flush mounted 1/2" into the box, which adds a custom look .

Link#3: 749587?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27b3789893
* Now this is the last one. The subs somewhat share the Air space in the chambers and have only 1 vent/port. This is tunned @ 35hz. And these are 1.5cu ft per chamber.

What do you think of these boxes? Which do you believe is best for my Alpine Type R's? Do you have a link to any better custom made ported boxes that you recomend? If so i do not plan on spending anymore than 155$ and thats with shipping.
Also how much better is 1" MDF compared to 3/4" MDF? All of these guys will make a new box with 1" but will cost more (about 20-30$ more) Will it be worth it?
I can also tell them what "Hz" i want them tuned to...Does anyone recomend anything other than 35hz? Is lower the number the better?
Also i can tell them how much Cu ft i want in each chamber...Does anyone recomend anything other than 1.5cu ft or 1.7?
I dont know anything about ported boxes and i can tell these guys exactly how i want them to be made so please help...Your help is apreciated.

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Links not working.
Post ebay item #'s.

I true quality box will usually cost more than $150. Also, 1.7cuft is on the FAR small side for those subs. I would recommend 2-2.25cuft net per sub w/ them. Tuning freq will depend on what type of sound you are looking for.

Do you want LOUD bass, but sacrifice the deepest lows?
Do you want SICK lows, but sacrifice the higher freq?
Do you want FLAT response, all notes similarly loud?
Do you want quick punchy bass or smooth rolling bass?

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I think Dustin knows of a great enclosure for those subs. He can build you one.

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Cant you just copy and paste the links?
Which would 35hz fall uner...And i cant realy do larger than 1.5cu ft...Wont fit in my lil trunk =(

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Who is Dustin?

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If you can't fit more than 1.5cuft per sub, you should get rid of the 12's and go w/ 10's.

You will get better response from them.

If space is an issue, possibly look at ~4cuft enclosure w/ a 6" flared port. You could get away w/ a 14.5t x 25.5w" x 25d" box w/ that.

What kind of dimensions do you have to work with in that trunk?

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would 2cu ft per chamber good enouph? I have 2 Alpine SWR-1243D new and i love them and will not get rid of them. I think i might get away with 2cu ft. What would you recomend to tune it to? 30hz? 35hz? I want to be able to reach lows that will shake the the insides of your body...DEEP clear bass is what im looking for.
And btw...I didnt even ask...Is Ported realy that much better than Sealed?

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If you have a pair of Alpine SWR-1243D (dvc 4ohm version) have the wrong subs for the MTX 81000D. That amp is 2ohm stable, you need a 1ohm stable amp w/ DVC 4ohm subs.

Deep DEEP bass will depend more on port/sub orientation than actual 'on paper' tuning.

I can design you a box 'tuned' to 35hz that will actually play lower than another box 'tuned' to 32hz w/ a different port/sub orientation. It all has to do w/ playing w/ the vehicles acoustics.

But, a whole....4cuft common chamber will work well w/ the R's in cabin. There are alot of possibilities though.

Give me the dimensions of your if possible (that would help alot).
I can design a low note monster for you that will still play pretty flat on the higher freq.

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Im not exactly positive on what amp i will be getting...It will be a mono class D amp...Just Thinking about MTX 8100D (Older)
*Ive seen and heard this amp before and that was the absolute best system ive heard in person. he had it hooked up to 2 Infinity Kappa perfect 12.1's

What amp would you recomend?
Id like to give the subs what they want (600watts RMS) i do NOT want to underpower them neither do i want to give them so much power thwy blow...Im willing to spend up to 400$ on a amp nd want at LEASt 600 RMS watts to each sub @ 2ohms...Im got the DVC 4hom subwoofer to wire them parallel for 2 ohms...I would do 1ohm but every sub ive ever wired 1ohm (and friends have too) they blow...i want this systm to be perfect arounf these Type R's that will LAST.

I will take some pics here soon and measure and post.

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P.S. BTW...i cannot find it now but i read somewhere in a forum talking about a Ported box and Alpine Type R's that if you have a "weaker" amp that isnt completly pushing the Subs to its 100% then its best to go with a larger ported box 2.0 cu ft+ BUT if you have a great amp giving the subs the watts they need (In this case the Type R's take 600 watts RMS) such as 600watts or more than you can go with a smaller box such as 1.5 cu ft (This is because you have just the right amount of power for the subs or even more power so by going to a smaller box youll encrease your SQ while keeping the same SPL. <---Is this true?

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To an extent, yes.

In general, larger boxes tend to be more efficient. Because of this you can get louder w/ a larger box given the same power input.

But, the larger or smaller you build a box, you get into a give-and-take relationship. Larger boxes tend to have more of a peak in SPL (in most cases) just above tuning. But, if you build the box too small, you will loose output.

Take this w/ a grain of salt.

There is a little thing called "Iron Law".
You want...
A) Low end extension.
B) Flat response.
C) Small enclosure size.
.....Pick 2.....

You can tweak enclosure design to mirror your taste in music/sound.

As for the Type R 'taking' 600w. Hell, I have built enclosures for them on anywhere from 300-900wrms. It all has to do w/ your listening habits and vehicle acoustics.

In many cases, you can build a box that is too big for your vehicle. For example, shoe-horning a huge box in a small trunk car. Yes, 'on paper' it should be more efficient, but due to the size of the box you can actually block the wave from traveling back into the cabin. Your trunk may rattle to hell and back, but it won't be loud in-cabin.

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AQ1200D $249 each

your friends blow subs at 1 ohm because they don't know what there doing most likely. i have 1600 watts on a 1k sub and it is happy as can be.

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Each of your subs will wire to 2ohm. But, when you wire them together, you will get either 1ohm or 4ohm.

It is far easier to find 1200wrms @ 1ohm than @ 4ohm.
You would only want to wire the MTX amp you are thinking about @ 4ohm w/ your subs.
I would look into other amps.

The final nominal resistance has nothing to do w/ whether your sub will blow or not. It all has to do w/ how much power you send them and how you play them.

It is far more likely that your friends where overdriving their "1ohm" systems and trying to get more out of them that the system could safely produce. Thus, they clipped the amp and sent the subs a distorted system. Distortion = heat. Heat = sub death.

On a side note.
I also run "1200wrms" DD3515 subs on 2300w+ each. I just know how far I can push then. And headroom is always your friend (if you know what you are doing).

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How much better is 1" MDF compared to 3/4" MDF...Will it make a noticable difference in SQ or SPL?

Does it matter if the subwoofers share air space? Which is best...A box that each subwoofer will have its own seperate chamber with its own seperate Port/Vent...OR a box that the 2 subwoofers share the chamber/Air space and just have one port/Vent. [Does this even matter? Will it make a Difference?]

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canaan has given some excellent advice

for a 600wrms sub 1" mdf is a waste , its not necessary : 3\4" is fine

for a set like this its not a major difference in shared or separate space & u wont notice it , also it depends on how much space u have to do either design ...if u give the job to some1 capable like bassman3 on here he will take care of all the details & do a good job ...
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