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Headunit: Pioneer AVH-P5000DVD
Mids Front/Rear: JL Audio 6 1/2 all around
Amp: 2 Bassworx 3000.1d amps strapped, 2 group 31 optima batts Alpine amp for mids
stock alternator
2 runs of 0awg
Subwoofers: 2 15" Cerwin Vega Stroker Pro

excuse the mess, did the install 1 day before a 3x db drag event. the box is around 6cft give or take tuned to 32hz. the two amps are 3200rms each at 2ohm, they are strapped seeing .5ohm load which is putting out over 7k. I put the TL on and hit 148.5@43hz first try no tuning. last weekend at an event i charged up the batts and did a 149.1@42hz. on music it hits the lows like nuts. once i get my HO alternator i will see what these bad boys hit, my guess is over 150 with 16v setup. I also plan to add ready rod to stiffen the box up.


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If you are just trying to get over 150dB, why buy and expensive 16v alt and batts?

You could just rebuild that box and do multiple ports, open them all up and tune a little higher for comp, plug 1 for daily and slam the lows. It would be FAR cheaper and give you the 150dB+ you are looking for in comp.

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gotta say it does look a bit ghetto , have heard a pair of those & they sound pretty good & loud

good points by canaan

box\tuning trial\error is what give u numbers on a meter - what u can do is build a box with a removable port which wud be held by T nuts & bolts so u have ur daily tuned musical port & ur spl only port

i used to run those same model optimas but imho for the size of them their AH rating is rather low (75AH for those unfamiliar with them) , i upgraded to power master D3100 which occupies about the same volume as those optimas & its AH is 117 which is to me considerably more & its a great battery ...

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i like the stokers. they do sound good. tad on the pricey side. i 3rd canaan. shouldn|t be that hard to squeeze 150 out of it. how is that hu working out? i am using my first pioneer now, and i'm having a lot of noise issues with it.

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May want to build another box the same deminsions as that one, but use 2 or 3-6" flared ports. That way you can play w/ tuning and save some volume in the box at the same time. Those ports would also be reusable if you build other systems in the future.

Try this:
3-6" flares firing back 18" long...that's stock length so you won't even have to cut them.
Plug the center port and 2-6" flares in 6cuft net wou tune around 33hz.
W/ all 3 unpluged, should tune around 41hz.
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